my kids

my kids

Friday, July 31, 2015

Cardinal Camp

After watching his big brothers go off to their high school & middle school orientations, Tanner was finally able to go to his own -- Cardinal Kindergarten Camp at Hutchens Elementary! His camp was Thursday & Friday & he was thrilled about "getting over to kindergarten." As we were eating dinner on Wednesday night, he said, "...yep, tomorrow's a big day for me..." We all cracked up!!

I was a little sad, yet very proud to see my baby boy, decked out in his uniform (they encouraged them to go ahead & wear them) walking into his new school. He even told another little guy, who was running as we walked in, to "stop running!" Um, kindergarten student or teacher's assistant?! This little dude!!!
He was assigned to Mrs. Burkett for camp. This might also be his teacher for the year, but we'll find out for sure on Monday. That is Meet the Teacher/Move In Day. We'll take supplies, pay fees, join PTA, etc.  I'll be sure to take pics of his classroom & teacher then!
Tim & I (along w/ Kallie) walked Tanner inside that morning, but we had to pick him up through carpool so that the kids could get a feel for what it will be like.
Here comes my baby boy!
He was excited about the day & filled us in on everything they did. The only downer - he was a little sad when he first got in the truck because he couldn't find his sticker.
I told him he could change clothes when we got home, but he said, "No, I'll just keep these on!" I think he feels "big" (like his brothers) with his uniform clothes they wear navy shorts & white or red polos, which are Jaguar colors...right up his alley!!

Day 2
Another great day of camp...full of fun school adventures...coloring, stories, songs, computer lab, gym, & snack in the lunchroom...this dude had a fabulous time & can't wait to go back Monday to officially meet his teacher & take his school supplies!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Camp Causey

Last week, Timothy attended Hornet Days at Baker High School to help prepare him for his transition to high school. This week, it was the other boys' turns for orientations. Taylor had Camp Causey at Causey Middle School on Wednesday & Thursday to get him geared up & ready for middle school. In addition to pizza & cokes for lunch & seeing his buddies, he met some of his teachers, had tours, learned how the schedule works, & participated in some cool activities. Tim & I got his fees paid, picked up his schedule, joined PTA, & bought his P.E. stuff. Taylor had A BLAST both days. He came home telling us how AWESOME everything was!

Day 1
Heading inside...without parents...we had to go in separately (sniff)
I had taken care of all of Taylor's preregistration stuff in May & June, so we were able to avoid the long registration line & head right to the gym to take care of everything else! Sweet!! 
I'm a mom, so I have to do a bit of bragging...because of his super high test scores on state tests this past spring, Taylor was placed in advanced courses. I didn't even know until I saw his schedule. SO proud of my smart son!! I failed to mention that Timothy is also taking honors courses & on an advanced diploma (I might have to go back & add that to his post...). We're super proud!! They will both have to work hard this year!
Here they come!
I could hear Taylor yell "There's my momma!" as he walked through the doors waving at me. And he was all to happy to pose for my incessant pics. So different from his big brother! :) 
They got cool CMS bags, folders, & pencils
Successful day. Happy dude.
Day 2
He was dropped off & picked up in carpool 
Official report -- awesome day & his homeroom/math teacher is so laidback & really funny! I actually got to meet her & say a quick hello as we were leaving. :)
Taylor's not ready for school to start, but he is excited about being a 6th grader & the new things to come in middle school!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

9 Months Old

Another 30 days has quickly flown by & my baby girl is 9 months old!!
It's truly amazing to witness how much Kallie's grown & how many new things she's doing.
She's chattering away, waving at everyone she sees, & wiggling all over - rolling, twisting, & scooting all over the house. I'm sure that will turn into crawling any minute.
She loves her TeTe Coco!

Kallie's recent check-up was great!! She weighed 19 lbs 8 oz & was 27 3/4 inches long. Thankfully, she didn't have to get any shots, but she had a vision screening (which came back perfect) & a hemoglobin test/toe prick (which showed slight anemia; also consistent with an exclusively breastfed baby).  We have to give Kallie an iron supplement for the next month, then get her blood levels rechecked. She also has some eczema patches (like her big brothers), so we'll continue using lots of Aquaphor & fill a mild steroid prescription if we want to use it as well.  Her next check-up will come at her first birthday in October.
Don't you eat Cheerios while waiting for the doc?!
poor little toe
 Beautiful, happy girl!!