my kids

my kids

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Goodbye Parties

Last Friday, we left Taylor's 5th grade finale to get to Tanner's school for his last day of preschool & goodbye party. We enjoyed one last shindig with his sweet teacher & class. Fun ending to a fabulous year...

Tanner & I made a little "happy" for his teacher
the night before his party
Tanner made great friends at CUMC.
He plans to play with some of them this summer & a few will be attending Hutchens with him in the fall!
Thanks for an awesome year Ms. Emily!!!

Yesterday, we left Timothy's 8th grade celebration to get to Taylor's school for his end of the year party. Painting & sweets were on the agenda; one last fun day at Dawes...

more teacher gifts & cards
Taylor was so blessed to have Mrs. Tracy & Mrs. Allen this year!
Tanner loves partying with his big bro!!
a plate of sweets...just what this dude needs
time to paint
After a fun, festive, full day,
we surprised our smart guys with a few more treats...
The big boys chose to have dinner at Zaxby's...chicken, fries, remix machine drinks, & milkshakes! Plus, cards, gift cards, & a few words from their parents on a job well done!!
Listening intently as her brothers read their cards...
(she had just finished trying to grab EVERYTHING on the table!)
We're proud of our boys & love celebrating them!!!


Friday, May 29, 2015

8th Grade Celebration

Another day. Another emotional school ceremony.

I watched my baby boy finish preschool. I watched my middle son finish elementary school. This morning I watched my oldest child have an honors program & celebrate his completion of middle school.

Tim, Tanner, Kallie, & I headed over to Causey Middle School bright & early for the 8th Grade Celebration Day. The honors & recognition part of the day was first. Teachers awarded students who had the highest overall average out of all the students taught. We were so proud as our Timothy was recognized for being tops in social studies, science, & math. He also won an iTunes card during the prize part toward the end. Tanner said "Timothy KEEPS going up there!" Ha!!
Ready to watch another program...
Can you spot Timothy in this huge crowd?!
The principal mentioned that this is the largest group of 8th graders that they've ever sent to the high school.
There are 556 of them!! Whew!
Highest math average!
Highest science average!
Highest social studies average!
(sorry!! couldn't get these to turn! ugh!!)
winning his iTunes card :)
These honors programs can wear a kid out..
After the honors program, 8th graders got to have a field day -- food on the grill, drinks, dunking booth, inflatables -- lots of fun in the sun. As we were leaving (to head to another child's school), we saw them getting things set up. Also, they wore their special yellow "senior" type shirts. What a fun way to end the school year!!

Middle school is tough; moving to a new one in 8th grade & successfully tackling the challenging curriculum is no easy feat. I can't put into words how proud we are of our Timbo for making it look easy.  He settled in, made some friends, & was constantly recognized for his exemplary character & academic achievements. What an awesome example for his younger siblings. So hard to believe that my oldest baby (wasn't he just born yesterday?!) is headed to high school...