my kids

my kids

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Wow, this is a BIG DAY!!!

It's Thanksgiving! (Happy Thanksgiving!!)
It's me & Tim's Anniversary! (12 loooonnnnggg years!! Ha!!)
It's my birthday! (34 years young!!)

Lots of celebrating . . .
Timothy made me THE SWEETEST video -
so professional, yet touching.
He's so talented.
Taylor performed an original piece for me!
So sweet. He's quite talented too!!
A (hilarious) birthday graph! :)
Me & my beautiful sisters!
Can't even begin to explain how good this food was . . .
Does this help?!!
Boy, am I thankful for this Bunch!!
At our 3rd spot of the day . . .
The grandkids!
They sure have a good time together!!
And they sure do love each other!!
My last treat of the night . . .
Thanks Kosh! :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Donkey of a Celebration

Today I just had to join my 2nd grade friends for a little more early birthday celebrating . . . !!!

We went to Little Donkey for a fun (& yummy) lunch!

My fab friends surprised me with a funny card,
a much needed lid for my Tervis Tumbler,
a Visa gift card (woo hoo!),
& a big box of cupcakes from Dreamcakes (woo hoo!!)!!!

We had a great time together, as usual!
Thanks for the birthday love, ladies!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wickles, Hot Lips, & Shoes . . .Oh My!

I went out with some of my fave girls for an early birthday celebration this evening!
We went to one of my fave spots - Baumhower's Wings - and feasted on some of my faves!!

Fried Wickles! Yum!!
Fried Pickles! Yum Yum!!
Hot Lips & Fries! Yum Yum Yum!!!
My sweet friends gave me a sweet card &
a fabulous gift card to DSW . . .
. . . which I immediately used for a great pair of
shoes I've been wanting!! :)
Thanks for a great evening, ladies!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Early Birthday Surprise!

My birthday is not until Thursday, but since we will be with our families eating turkey & celebrating Thanksgiving on that day, my class at school celebrated early!!

This is what I arrived to Friday morning . . .
Every student handed me a card as they arrived!
My room mom showed up with even more goodies - a turkey goodie basket with all my faves, a generous Amazon gift card, & strawberry cupcakes from Dreamcakes (Love, love, love!!). 
I even had a crown  to wear!

She came back later with a delicious lunch & drink
from Urban Cookhouse! Yum!!
I have THE BEST students & parents in the world!! 
My 2 room moms are INCREDIBLE!!
They made me feel so special & loved today! I am truly blessed!!

Wish I could share the pics I took with my students,
but you will have to visit my class blog to check those out!

Coach NeNe

My sis & her basketball team played in B'ham the other night,
so the boys & I, along with my other sis & her fiance', headed out to watch them play!
It's so fun seeing them play & watching my sis in action. :)

By the way, they won big!
Go Tigers!! Go Coach!!