my kids

my kids

Thursday, April 24, 2014

13 weeks & counting . . .

After posting news of my pregnancy, I'd planned to stick some regular updates on the blog.
So sad that I've already dropped the ball with the very first one!!
I had planned to post this update last week, but here it is . . . better late than never!
From the time I learned I was preggers, I have been SICK.
From the moment I get out of bed in the mornings til I go to bed at night, I am nauseous. Yes, ALL DAY.
I try to eat small meals throughout the day.  I feel sick before I eat, so I know I better eat; then, I feel worse after I eat. 
Food is just not my friend these days.
It won't digest. I throw up most of it.  There's only a limited amount of things that I can tolerate. NOT FUN.

I'm also pretty tired. It's hard to get through the school day, then come home to cook, clean, help with homework, get the boys to & from extra-curriculars, run errands, oversee bedtime, & so on. 
I take a nap every single day. And there are many nights when I'm in bed before my children!
It's also tough not to have my parenting partner (aka my hubby) here full time.
Last week was glorious because he was here on spring break & so helpful.
Sadly, I've lost him again.  This time to good ole recruiting. :(
I'm hoping that the nausea & fatigue will get better (dare I say stop altogether?!) as this 1st trimester slowly comes to an end . . . PRAY!!! :)

Now that I've told you all of the bad stuff, here's the happy part!
At my last appointment, we had another ultrasound.  Tim got to be there to see everything, which was so nice.
My measurements were spot on, development looked great, & genetic tests came back normal.
The nurse could hardly get the heartbeat (which was in the 160s) because this wild child wouldn't be still (I've already experienced that 2x before . . . should I be afraid?!!).
There was also lots of hand movement - 1st we saw "waving" & then it looked like the hand was on the forehead, to which the nurse replied, "DRAMA!!"  Oh goodness!!
I'm so excited that everything is looking good & going well (other than how sick this child is making me) with this little angel! :)
I also have a bump now.  Hard to believe how early I've popped!! Guess #4 will do that to you!
The boys, especially Tanner, are in HOG HEAVEN.
He asks constantly, "What's the baby doing?"  Seriously, he keeps a check on this baby ALL DAY!
I told him that the baby can hear our voices & gets excited when they talk to my belly.
So now, he comes over to my belly all of the time & whispers "Hey baby!" & then asks if the baby is jumping & happy!! It's just the sweetest thing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

A fabulous lineup of events, including an awesome Sunday service, plus a nice family dinner, loaded Easter baskets, & fun egg hunt rounded out our Easter weekend.
I captured a few moments from Sunday. . .
Hope your Easter was as happy as ours!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Guess What?!!

One of the highlights of our spring break trip was sharing some important news with our boys.
We decided to wait until all 5 of us were together to spill the beans . . .
So happy we could capture the boys' reactions. . . #priceless
After I came back to school,
another "expectant" teacher friend & I set up a little something in
the teacher workroom to share the news w/ our school friends!
Yes, the Bowens Bunch is growing again!! 
We're expecting our new little bundle of joy to arrive in October!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jag Spring Game

The South Alabama Spring Game was on the Saturday before we left Mobile.
We headed over to Ladd Peebles Stadium to enjoy a few hours of cheering on our Jags!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jag Tour & Scrimmage

One of the 1st things the boys wanted to do in Mobile was see Daddy's new office.
We headed there soon after arriving to Mobile & had a great tour.
By Tanner's reactions, we thought we had arrived in Disney World!

The next day, we headed back up to the football complex for a Jag scrimmage. It was fun to finally see them up close & in action!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Down South

As soon as school was out last Friday (March 21), we headed down south - to reunite w/ our fave coach & spend spring break in Mobile! It was nice to have 10 whole days together as a family!!
Here are a few pics from the week...
we kept our snacks very organized :)

we hung out w/ our fave girls
we ate lots of ice cream
we had some tasty lunches & dinners at some fab places