my kids

my kids

Friday, October 30, 2015

Red Ribbon Week '15

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, & other drug & violence prevention awareness campaign observed each year during October. Schools use this time to put extra focus on student awareness, & add fun element of themed/dress up days. Taylor's school chose not to do any dressing up this year, but the other boys were able to.  Here are a few of the themed pics...

Timothy opted out of 2 days (guess he wasn't really into wearing his favorite band t-shirt or a Disney shirt!), but here are pics from the days he did participate -
"Team Up Against Drugs"
(favorite team shirt)

"Big Red Day"
(red shirt)
"Be All You Can Be, Drug Free"
(camo shirts)
Meanwhile over at Tanner's school...
"Join the Fight Against Drugs!"
(camo shirts or shorts)
"Team Up Against Drugs!"
(favorite team shirt)
"We Are Too SUPER For Drugs!"
(favorite superhero shirt, cape, or accessory)
On this day, the class also celebrated Mrs. Burkett's birthday! She will turn 40 on October 31, Halloween!! All of the students brought homemade bday cards & gift cards to her favorite places & she was surprised with the cards, plus cake & super cute decorations. It was lots of fun & Tanner was just happy to have birthday cake!
"We Are Not Falling For Drugs!"
(this was fall festival day & students wore fall festival shirts)
Whether dressing up or not, these guys know about the dangers of drugs & alcohol, through what they learn at school & home. We're glad to have this week each year to reinforce it. It's also fun to have themed days & find things to match them! The boys really get into that. Wonder where they get that from?!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween Jags!

It's Halloween week, so some of the Jag coaches' kids met at the football office Wednesday afternoon to surprise the players with treats! The guys were in meeting rooms with their position coaches & the costumed kids went room to room & let players grab treats from their bags & buckets. Of course the players loved getting the treats, but they enjoyed seeing the kids even more. They always get a kick out of having the staff kids around. But I think the coaches' kids were much more excited...they got to wear their costumes & hang around the win!!

I brought Minnie, Mickey, Spidey, &
a teenager too cool to dress up :)
Mickey (who is fascinated with "real" football players)
was in Hog Heaven!
After visiting all of the meeting rooms, the group headed to the training room, where they just happened to find our QB, Cody!
And there's our HC, Coach Jones, who was nice enough to travel around with our little group. He even gave my boys cute new visors when they finished handing out candy!
Elise (our fab HC's wife) & I were snapping away the whole time..
There's Mitch, one of our faves on the staff (& one of my brother's best friends). He's such a great guy & always takes up lots of time with my crew. He's also a new daddy to a precious baby girl, Khodi.
Ms. Deb is one the football secretaries & does a lot with the wives & kids. She, along w/ Elise, got all of this together. She loves taking care of our players & coaches!
Happy Halloween to our favorite football players!!!
Go Jags!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What A Year...

After all of the celebrating, Kallie had one more thing on her calendar upon reaching her first birthday - a 12 month checkup. She channeled her inner Jackie O & donned a chic dress & shoes, grabbed her pink purse & sunnies & we headed to the doctor's office.

Everything checked out well at the doc...she weighs 20 lbs 3 oz & measures 29 1/4 in long. All of the dietary restrictions are gone - she can eat any & everything! We can change over to a convertible carseat, give Tylenol for those swollen, irritating gums, & continue my weaning plan. My poor baby had to get 4 shots, which she took worse than any previous ones. She cried pretty hard & it took longer to calm her down. We sat in the room & nursed until she was calm & drifting off to sleep...mean ole shots. :(  We go back to the doctor in January for her 15 month checkup.
I know most parents think their child(ren) is/are smart, but Kallie really is super smart!! I'd say it even if she didn't belong to me! It truly is amazing to watch the things she can do & hear the things she says! She has a very extensive vocab -- "sssuesss" (shoes), "eeeee" (eat), Da, Ma-Ma, hi, bye, yes, plus names she pops out here & there (like Bubba, NeNe, Coco, & parts of her brothers' names). Not only does she know the words, she knows EXACTLY what they mean & when to use them. For example, if we pass her armoire or she crawls to her Daddy's closet or we pass the shoe section in a store, she points & says "sssuesss!" Her poor Daddy better get himself ready, because she is quite the shoe fanatic & already building quite an extensive collection!

Kallie nods (while making faces, which is HILARIOUS!), waves, points, claps, sings, screams, plays games (like peek-a-bo & patty cake), dances, & blows kisses. She speed crawls, cruises around furniture, can stand alone for a few seconds, enjoys rides inside the laundry basket, & thinks her Daddy is a rockstar (he gets quite the greeting upon arrival at home each evening). She also enjoys anything involving her brothers - slapping them on the head, letting them carry her around, crawling in their rooms, playing with/destroying their stuff, letting them (crawl) chase her around, sitting beside them or on their backs - just plain being with them.  So funny watching her interact with them collectively & individually.

And, like the rest of this Bunch, this child can EAT!! She eats just about anything, but her faves are fruit & meat. Strawberries, watermelon, & grapes are a big hit. She also loves chicken, ground beef, fish, & smoked sausage. Goldfish, pretzels, popcorn, & water cups are also high on the list. She still LOVES to nurse (did I mention my weaning plan yet?!...did I beg you to pray for that success??), but she enjoys meals & snacks in her high chair. If she doesn't like or want something, she promptly drops it over the side to the floor. There's always a nice mess after we eat.

There is NEVER a dull (or quiet) moment with this little ball of energy around. It's still hard to believe we have a girl. It's even harder to believe that she's already a year old. Here's a little trip down memory lane...Kallie's first year in review!
What a year. What a girl.