my kids

my kids

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Weekend

Dyeing eggs
Gathering goodies for Easter baskets
Easter morning
Church w/ football friends
Then lunch w/ them afterwards
Post lunch pics by the water outside the restaurant
Easter baskets
Indoor egg hunt
(outside was too soggy from all the rain)
Eating candy & eggs
Our savior is risen...death could not hold Him down!!!
Hope you enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend &
Resurrection Sunday with your loved ones!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Bunny Obsession

The last holiday "figure" Kallie visited & took pictures with was Santa, & she wasn't exactly thrilled to see, I didn't know how our visit to see the Easter Bunny last week would turn out. To my delight, my sweet girl absolutely LOVED seeing the bunny. Actually, she was a little obsessed. She waved the entire time we were waiting our turn to sit on his lap & take a picture. She kept calling him -- "Bunn!" And, she cried when we had to leave. She's looked at the pictures & watched the videos every single day since the visit. I think it's safe to say Kallie has a bit of Easter Bunny Obsession!
After our trip to see the bunny & to Tanner's egg hunt, I took several more pics of my precious girl in her adorable little bunny dress. (Thanks to my wonderful mom for her sweet dress!)
She was watching her daddy & brothers outside!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Surprise

Last year, Easter was connected to our April spring break, so we were able to spend both with our family in North Alabama. This year, Easter is early & our spring break is still in April. Since we'll be going back north in a couple weeks for SB, we sadly could not also make the 5 hour trip for Easter this weekend. We hate being away from the rest of our family on special days...I think it makes my mom even more sad!

So, since she wouldn't see her grands on Easter, she decided to mail "Easter basket surprises" to them! A big box arrived on our porch earlier in the week & the boys couldn't wait to open it up after school!! We put MaMa on FaceTime so she could watch them open up their Easter surprise...
You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff that was in that box! Definitely more than could fit in a basket. All four kids were super pumped to get the cards, gift cards, candy, cookies, & treats personalized for each of them. The pictures don't really do it justice, but here are a few snippets of the Grand Easter Surprise...
What a fabulous surprise from fabulous grandparents!! Even when we're not with them, we still feel the love...LITERALLY!!! Thanks MaMa & Papa G!!