my kids

my kids

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Geek Sunday

Today was "Geek Sunday" for the youth at our church!
They donned their geekiest outfits & showed that they can be Geeks for Jesus!!
Big shoutout to the boys' outfit designers!!
You rocked it!! :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Aldridge Gardens Adventure

Earlier this week, I got to be a mama instead of a teacher & go on a field trip with Taylor & the 3rd graders!
They have been studying plants, so Aldridge Gardens was the perfect place to explore.
Although we live right down the road (literally 5 minutes),
surprisingly none of the Bowens Bunch have been to Aldridge Gardens!
It is a BEAUTIFUL place; I really enjoyed the day there!!

Plant Scavenger Hunt
Guess who had a question about EVERYTHING?
Guess who had a question EVERYTIME the docent was talking?
Tim Bowens' middle son!! SMH . . .
The docent asked Taylor's teacher to pick 4 kids who
could follow directions, but were hams, for a demo.
I bet you're shocked my son was picked. :) 
Quack, quack!
I could stretch out right in this spot w/ a blanket & book all day . . .
The Bee Tree
We couldn't get too close because of the "live hive" . . .
We didn't have to be told twice!
Carp & Turtles
Time to make soil!
It was a great trip with my Taylor!!
Fun Times!!!