my kids

my kids

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bedtime Movie?

This is really sad.
My child is OBSESSED with watching Barney videos.
He watches them on my laptop, his brothers' laptops, & his daddy's iPad. But his favorite is my cell phone.
Before his obsession, I used my phone to talk, text, take pics, & tweet. Now, he ignores my calls & the phone is used for Barney video viewing only.

Guess it only makes sense that bedtime stories don't put this child to sleep. Barney videos do.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Last week was Spring Break & the Bowens Bunch was definitely ready for a break!!!

We started the week with Tim's Hall of Fame Induction (see that post for pics & details), then spent a few days in North Alabama visiting our fam.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pics there.  Guess I was really enjoying a break - from everything!! :)

We headed back to B'ham mid-week for the rest of our "stay-cation" & had quite a productive week . . .

Can you believe I had to do homework?!?
(Being a student is tough!! I got a finance paper written & started my budget project. Whew!!) 
I did LOTS of this . . .
(I finished The Hunger Games, which was incredible!! I'm starting the 2nd book soon!)
There was lots of this going on . . .
We went & saw this . . .
(It was hilarious!)
Some of this went on too . . .
We ate lots of this . . .
(So healthy!)
SOMEONE did a lot of this . . .
We also went looking for this . . .
(We found one that's promising.
I'll update this process in a later post!)

Since our week was so productive, we now need another to recuperate & actually get some rest!!
But, it's back to work & school for the Bowens Bunch.
9 weeks, then SUMMERTIME!! WOO HOO!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sports Hall of Fame

My incredibly talented husband was inducted into the Lauderdale County Sports Hall of Fame this past Saturday night.  There was a banquet to honor him & the other 9 inductees.  He was joined by countless family members & friends who are so proud of & for him!

Enjoy pics from this special night!

These plaques were in the atrium.
The inductees were also each given their own! 

We had to snap a few pics before the banquet started . . .

Tim & his 3 "little" brothers.
They clean up rather nicely, don't you think?!?
Tim's dad, uncle, & cousin joined the pic
Tim & I with his parents
My family!
(my boys, parents, grandparents, & siblings)
Timothy & the Perrys
(These are Timbo's godparents & Mrs. P. was one of
 Tim's math teachers in high school)
Our pastor & Tim
Tim & our good friend, Randy 

Next we moved inside to start the festivities . . .

Shots from our tables
Tanner sat w/ his GG for most of the evening. 
I had to capture these moments when he was just looking at GG
& kissing him, then started singing "I love you" a la Barney.
So precious!! He loves his GG!!  
I was so lucky to be sitting next to Taylor . . .
(um, no further comments)

Introduction of Tim
Tim's pic on the screen
This was a photo collage of Tim shown during his speech.
There were some great photos on here.
So sad they didn't turn out better! 
Tim's speech
I can't even put into words how fabulous it was.
Tim & Coach Willis,
his high school basketball coach
Tim & Mrs. Perry
Tim & his in-laws
the Redus kids
the Bowens Bunch

I'm the daughter of a hall of famer;
now I'm married to a hall of famer!!
I know I speak for our entire family when I say
how proud we are of Tim.
What an accomplishment; an honor he truly deserves.