my kids

my kids

Monday, February 27, 2012

A boy, a step stool, & goldfish . . .

Yes, that is a step stool & box of goldfish on our front porch.

My youngest loves to sit on the step stool & eat goldfish. 
He does this quite frequently.
His big brothers were outside playing & he was watching them.
He kept coming in & out of the house to grab some goldfish, then go back to watch them play.
Finally, he took the step stool, then the box of goldfish, out to porch.

Problem solved.  Smart boy. :)

Ambassador Bowens

Timothy is a member of Edgewood Ambassadors, a group of 5th grade leaders at our school. 
On Monday, they had a leadership breakfast with the mayor and his administrative assistant.
They had a big meal and a big discussion (they had prepared questions beforehand) with him.
There was even T.V. coverage!!

I meant to get down to the breakfast & snap some pics, but I got busy in my classroom & TOTALLY forgot!! (So mad at myself for missing it!) 
Timothy mentioned that he sat right next to Mayor McBrayer. 
(That just twisted the knife even more! Ugh!!)

Timothy read to his brother's 2nd grade class later that day.  I had no idea, so I missed another photo op.

To sum things up . . .
Timothy was involved in a leadership breakfast.
Timothy sat next to the mayor.
Timothy read to Taylor's class.
This blog could have included some great pics. 
I got none.

Oh wait! I did get two of my big ambassador before he headed off to school . . .

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bball All-Star

Taylor was selected to be part of the Homewood All-Stars.  His team has been practicing twice a week for the past couple weeks & today they participated in a tournament that included Hoover, Vestavia, & Jasper.

The game was ugly, but my son is always cute!! He got a pretty snazzy uniform out of the deal, too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love & Happiness

It's Valentine's Day!!!
LOVELY days like this make us burst with HAPPINESS!!
The Bowens Bunch just LOVES showing our LOVE for one another!!
Sweets for my all my Sweeties!!
The boys took valentine treats for their teachers too.
Tanner was also in charge of his classes' treat today.

Oooohhh!!! Surprises for me!!
From my class. . .
From my boys . . .
From my hubby . . .
Ending our day with dinner!

Highlights of my Valentine's Day . . .
*Getting Tanner dressed and having him sing "I Love You" (a Bowens/Barney classic) & blow kisses to me the entire time!
*Wearing my festive heart shirt!
*Seeing the boys' excitement as they looked at their valentine treats!
*Finding a valentine surprise from my valentine in Goldie!
*My valentine surprising me with lunch!
*Giving my main valentine, plus my 3 little valentines, valentine surprises!
*Having a nice dinner out with my valentine!

Hope your day was full of as much LOVE as ours!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Houseguest

So, with the month of February, came a houseguest!!
My cousin Amber started a fab new job here in B'ham a couple weeks ago.
Her apartment won't be ready until March, so she's crashing with us until then.
She's joined right in with the Bowens Bunch craziness & we love having her here!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bulldog Basketball

The Bowens Bunch headed out on Saturday afternoon to watch some Samford Bulldogs basketball. 
The Bulldogs beat Elon in an exciting game.  We had fun cheering them on!!
#bowwow bulldogs

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Edgewood's 18th annual talent show was Friday night at Homewood High School. 
It is always a big deal for our school and community. 
There are many acts in the show and the place is always packed.  This year was no different! 
After 2 acts & an intermission, the show always ends with the 5th grade finale. 
My Timbo, along with the rest of the 5th grade, "party rocked" things in a major way!!
Enjoy a few pics & the finale video . . .
Wake up, GG!!
We're only on performance 7, 20 more to go!!
Never fear, Tanner's here!!
He knows how to keep somebody up . . .
Finale time!!!
Party Rockers in the House!!!
Can you spot Timothy???
Great job, Timbo!!!
Great show!

**Still working on posting the video clip.  Check back soon to see it!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Partying Like Kings

Taylor's basketball team, the Kings, played their last game this past weekend. 
On Tuesday night, the players, coaches, & families met up at New York Pizza in Homewood to end the season with a team party. 
We enjoyed pizza, cookie cake, & awards, but the players liked the arcade the best!
Taylor's coaches told him they fully expect to see him playing on T.V. one day. 
He made the 7/8 year old All-Star Team & will play in the tournament the last weekend in February.
He also received the Conduct Award - best behavior/listener/rule follower in practice & games.
His momma must be doing something right! Ha!! :)
Fun season!! Way to go, Kings!!!