my kids

my kids

Friday, January 30, 2015

3 Months Old

Well, it happened again . . . I blinked & my baby turned another month older!
Kallie was 3 months old last Friday on Jan. 23.
We are loving every minute (although those minutes when she wants to nurse at 3 in the morning are questionable...) we spend with our girl.  She's growing way too fast & doing so many new things!
We love talking to her & having her coo, smile, & laugh back.  It's also funny hearing her fuss (when we don't feed her fast enough) & be dramatic...already!
She sure knows how to make a face...
Here are more snapshots from the past couple weeks of our cutie patootie!
Did I mention that she's also a diva?!
Thanks for this jazzy number TeTe Coco!
Having this little girl is so much fun!
We look forward to another month of
milestones, laughs, & cuddles!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


If I can say one thing about my bunch, well besides how cute & smart we are, it's how much we EAT!! It takes a lot of grocery money & grueling man hours in the kitchen to keep the stomachs in this group satisfied!
Because my boys were such "healthy" eaters, they started baby cereal before the recommended 4-6 month age range. They all started around a month old.  With Kallie, I was planning to start solids a little closer to the recommended guidelines, but alas, she is a Bowens!!
We started right before she hit 3 months old & she LOVED it!

What in the world is this stuff?!
Oh wait, this is pretty tasty...
Tasty Food...Happy Girl!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Decade Plus One

My spunky middle son is now a decade plus one...he turned 11 on December 30!!
This social butterfly had the toughest time with our move because he had to leave all of his best buddies behind in Birmingham.  The timing of his birthday couldn't be more perfect. Since we were in Decatur for the holidays, we decided to celebrate his b'day in B'ham with some of his good friends from school & church.  It gave the rest of us a chance to see some of our friends too!

We had pizza, drinks, & cupcakes at New York Pizza in Homewood (down the street from our old schools).  The boys also had the chance to play video games while we visited with our friends.
We finished off the celebration with some ice cream & more chitchat at Edgewood Creamery.
What a fun day of celebrating Taylor's birthday AND catching up with old pals!

Friday, January 23, 2015

4 Generations

When Kallie was born, she became the 4th generation of living ladies in my family...great grandmother, Doris Owens Diggs; grandmother Minnie Diggs Redus; mother, Kesha Redus Bowens; daughter, Kallie Larkin Bowens...we decided to take some "generational" photos --
Kallie & I are so incredibly blessed to come from such extraordinary women. We hope to carry on the rich legacy & beautiful traditions that have been set & modeled exceptionally by my mother & grandmother.