my kids

my kids

Monday, July 21, 2014

Kallie's Shower - Precious Presents

I was overwhelmed with the stuff we got for Kallie Larkin - much needed, practical items like diapers, wipes, activity gyms, & strollers; as well as the cutest little outfits & accessories & personalized gems (you wouldn't believe how many things we now have with her name, monogram, or initials!!).  It's way too much to show it all, but here is just a sample of the precious presents we received . . .
A girl's gotta have her Bama gear!
We'll have bows in the house now!
A crocheted football beanie w/ a bow & football shoes . . .
...which caused my sister's FIRST breakdown!!
and my little breakdown . . .
you just never know when it might hit you!
Diaper houndstooth...perfect combo!!
My grandmother made this precious blanket for Kallie Larkin.
What an heirloom!!
My cousin Amber was my photographer.
So glad she was able to get some selfies in . . .
This child already has a duffle bag, backpack, & lunchbag!
Lucky?! Spoiled?!!
Yes, this is a BMW buggy.
She'll be riding better than the rest of her fam!
I couldn't have asked for better things for my baby girl!
I definitely felt showered with precious gifts, but even more so with LOVE!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kallie's Shower - The Games

Here are the highlights from the hilarious games that were played!

"Baby Item Memory"
(How many of the baby items could you remember?
Especially if you don't even know what half of them are?!)
"The Price Is Right"
(Baby stuff is more expensive than you think . . .
believe me, I know!!)
"Bottles Up!"
(These ladies were experts when it came to sucking down the juice! Hee hee!!)
"How did she do that?!"
"Feed the Baby"
(This was THE MOST hilarious game of the day!!
It's hard to feed & eat applesauce at the same time . . . blindfolded!
We laughed so hard watching them try!!)
And of course, the infamous
"how much tape does it take to get around
the pregnant lady's belly"...
some people REALLY need to work on this one -
there were many that were too big.
Really people?! ;(
Mrs. Perry's was right on the money!!
But then, we should have expected that.
She's a high school math teacher & has an eye for these things!!