my kids

my kids

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taking Care of Business

Eating bacon.
Watching videos on the iPad.
Mean mugging the lady with the camera.
Is this how you take care of your business???

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweets, Treats, & PATIENCE

The Bowens Bunch certainly had an, um, eventful one! :)

I was so excited to give all my sweethearts their valentine treats!
And they were excited to get them. . .
. . . well, except for one little sweetheart who
was NOT in a loving mood. . .
Things were much better by the afternoon!
Even more valentines arrived in the mail!
Thanks MaMa!!
We went to Sumo for a valentine dinner,
which started out lovely because we always love
the food & entertainment there...

And that's where the pictures end as the night took a
turn for the worse!
One of our children DID NOT want to sit & be still & proceeded to scream when he was made to.
I was so embarrassed that my child was ruining other people's valentine night.
He finally settled down once the entertainment started & ate & enjoyed the show.
THEN, as we were eating, one of our other children started throwing up, profusely...
It seemed as if he were having an allergic reaction to the seafood (according to a few other guests who witnessed this) because it happened so fast & was so much.
While Tim got him to the restroom, I proceeded to pay our bill, box up our stuff, & get us ready to head out.
(If you're wondering what our other child was doing, he was quietly enjoying his meal!)
Anyway, it was quite a day and night.
Happy Valentine's Day to us.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bowwow Birthday

Timothy turned 12 on Tuesday & we had a small family celebration that night (see previous post "Turning Twelve" for details).
He had his "real" birthday party on Saturday night at the Samford men's basketball game.
In addition to our family (& MaMa & Uncle Freddie!), he had 6 friends join him to enjoy the game as VIP guests . . .
Big Shout out to my very talented friend Michelle Gaither for a fab job on the bday cake & cupcakes!!
They tasted as good as they look!! :)
Cool hostesses :)
Message on the big screen for Timothy!
Timothy & his buds had a BOWWOW of a good time!!!
What a memorable night!
What a memorable 12th birthday!!

Basketball Champs

Taylor & his teammates played in their division's basketball tournament the past 2 weekends.
They went in as the #1 seed & looked terrific throughout the season & tourney.

I'm so proud of my little point guard, who brilliantly led his team to a championship victory!!
I'm also proud of my talented hubby, who was a fantastic assistant coach & helped constuct some fab plays! :)

They named themselves "The Big 3" :)
What a terrific season!!
Woo Hoo!!! Congrats Sixers!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Turning Twelve

Where has the time gone?!
My oldest child turned TWELVE today!!

He will have his party Saturday night, but the five of us did a little celebrating today . . .

I snuck this little note in his binder for him to find during the day at school!
Dinner Mexican Style!!
Dessert & Presents -- Best Part! :)
We are SO proud of the young man our son is becoming.
It's hard to believe that he is knocking on the door of becoming a TEENAGER . . .
(Does that make me & his daddy old?!)