my kids

my kids

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 Months Old

Time just doesn't seem to be slowing down, in fact, it seems to be moving at warp speed. My sweet girl was 10 months old on Sunday; hard to believe she's just a couple months away from her 1st birthday!
This girl's personality is definitely coming out - she is a wiggly, giggly ball of energy! She loves to laugh & be silly. She is very inquisitive - those eyes & ears stay on high alert & there isn't a marker she hasn't opened or outlet plug she hasn't tried to pull out. And, Kallie is definitely on the move. She is ALL OVER the house, either by crawling from room to room or racing around in her walker. Her latest feat is pulling up, which she does on everything, including our legs! This little missy knows how to ram into the dishwasher so it pops open & then take dishes out; thankfully she's only broken one bowl...smh. Kallie has another love - eating!! She basically eats whatever we eat at meals. She sits in that highchair, waits for me to put her portions on her tray, & happily eats away. She also continues to enjoy the nourishment & comfort of breastfeeding throughout the day (& night). This sweet angel still prefers her mommy above anyone else (do you see my happy smile?), although she enjoys hanging out with all of those guys that live at our house too! Ha!!
We're loving EVERY MINUTE with our precious baby girl!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fan Day & REAL Football Players

After a busy Saturday with the Jags, we spent a little more time with our team when we headed over to Fan Day on Sunday afternoon. Football players, cheerleaders, music, autographs, & Jag gear filled the Mitchell Center & the Bowens Bunch was excited to be there!
My youngest son is probably more excited than anyone...he lives & breathes football year round...& the start of a new season has him especially giddy! Tanner's been hanging out & working out with real football players, he started drinking Gatorade so he can be big & strong & have energy like the real football players, & he even wore a jersey & his football helmet to fan day! His helmet is an Alabama one, but he really wanted to have one on. Everyone got a big kick out of seeing this little football player; all of the coaches & players were cracking up at him. He got to run through the cheerleaders, dap up the players, & pose with SouthPaw & Ms. Pawla (our mascots). 
Here are some of the runningbacks. They loved seeing the boys, especially the little football player!
Kallie waved to Ms. Pawla,
but she did not want her to get too close! :)
And guess who else was there?! Tanner's teacher, Mrs. Burkett! The real football players, the mascots & coaches, & his teacher??? What a great day!!
There sure are some cute Jag fans...
Tim & I had talked about Tanner having a South helmet. Some of the players gave him a hard time for wearing a Bama helmet & our HC's wife mentioned that maybe our equipment guy could paint his Bama helmet to look like the USA helmets. We left with plans to maybe do that at some point.
Well, surprise surprise...when his daddy got home Sunday night, he had a Jag helmet for Tanner!!! Coach Hewes sent one especially for him & Tanner was beyond thrilled!! Now he has 2 great helmets & I'm sure he'll have his newest one on at all of our games...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Last Scrimmage & Dinner w/ Players

Our last scrimmage before the season officially kicks off was this past Saturday morning. I spent most of the game trying to keep me & my kiddos was a scorcher! Each coach's wife had made cookie bags for players, trainers, coaches, & GAs, so the kids helped us hand out cookies & Gatorade as the players came off the field. They were all very appreciative of this sweet little treat. And, despite the intense heat, the kids had fun & this final scrimmage got us pumped up for the start of the season! 
If left unattended, nothing edible is safe in my house,
hence the note... 
our little cookie table
some of the kids handing out the drinks
Tanner came off the field with his daddy.
He was out doing some post-scrimmage "exercise"
w/ the runningbacks!
A couple people thought Timothy was Tim when they saw him in passing. Isn't it amazing how close in size & looks they are?!
Firstborn & lastborn :)
The boys loved this job...they were covered in ice/water
& stayed very cool!
We left the scrimmage (all hot & sweaty) & had lunch & ran several errands with another football family. After finally getting home, Coach Bowens informed me that his players were coming over to eat dinner & hang out. WHAT?! So, I showered & changed & we started making dinner as soon as he got home with stuff from the store. As usual, my boys had fun playing video games & hanging with Tim's players. We had a delicious meal - I made 2 big pans of my famous pizza spaghetti & Tim made BBQ chicken taco salads, BBQ bread, Gatorade (store bought), & Nerd slushies.
Exhausting, but fun day! Want to know who was first to bed?! ME!!! When I fell asleep, all the guys were in the den & kitchen still going strong...!