my kids

my kids

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vacays & Dates!

We had our family vacay in June
(remember the Cousin Vacay trip to the beach?!),
but my side of the fam planned a big family trip to Gatlinburg for mid-July.
Tim had to be back at work for some important football camps & I was hard at work setting up my new classroom, so our boys joined the fam for a fun trip to the Mountains!

Timothy & my sis, Kosh, took some great vacay snapshots -which they sent daily to keep me in the loop!  Here are a few . . .
Beautiful cabin!
Taylor "entertaining" poor Papa again . . .
Umm, can you spot the bear in this pic?!
The fam saw THREE outside their cabin!!
Is this child blowing his watermelon?!!

And while they were vacationing, my hubby & I were dating!! :)
We went & had a fun night out every night they were gone!
My cousin, Andrea, joined us on the last night!
Here are some shots of our dating life . . .
Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen!
We love the avocado egg rolls & bbq chopped salad!! Yum!!
Another dinner, this one at Sumo!
We also love hibachi Japanese food & shows!!
Why oh why did my hubby have to get this fortune
in his cookie?!!
Habanero's is one of our faves!
We enjoyed a Mexican & funny movie night!!

After almost 13 years, 3 kids, & hectic schedules,
vacations & dates are A MUST!!!

New Hardware

My guys have some new hardware to add to the collection . . .
Baseball Championship Trophies from this season!
They're pretty snazzy!

Coach Bowens also received a well deserved thank you present from the team & parents!!
(Hee hee hee)

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Ump

My daddy has a new gig!
After years of playing professional baseball, coaching college baseball, then working as a minor league instructor, he has taken on a new baseball role . . . 
When he's not playing golf, HE'S AN UMPIRE!!!

We were in Decatur the whole week of the 4th, & were lucky enough to check out a game & see him in action.  The boys (& their parents) absolutely loved it!!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cool Cars Party

I just had to share some pics from a cute birthday party 
Tanner & I attended.
His friend Sam turned 3 & had the coolest Cars party!!!
Sam's mommy teaches 1st grade at my school 
(she was Taylor's teacher) & is super creative.
She made everything (including all of those cute cars) 
at the party! So impressive!!!
Tanner had a racin' good time!! :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baseball Champs!

My boys had an awesome baseball season!! 
They were undefeated, league champs, & beat the All Stars!!
Timothy & Taylor were great at bat & in the field & Coach Bowens was a terrific assistant.
Tanner & I were the #1 cheerleaders. :)
Tanner also felt like he was part of the team - he got to work w/ them at every practice.
On game days, he sat on the bench with the guys when they were up to bat.
He also headed out to the field w/ them every time they switched to defense.
It was tough keeping him w/ me; thankfully, he will get to play next season! 

What a fun championship season!!
Go Yanks!!!