my kids

my kids

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jag Fan Day

We're quickly counting down to the start of our football season & what better way to celebrate than with the coaches, players, cheerleaders, & mascots at Fan Day!
Our Bunch was pumped to get over to the Mitchell Center on Sunday afternoon for music, autographs, pictures, & more as we prepare to cheer on our Jags to a fabulous season!!
It's SouthPaw!!
Lilly decided she didn't want to get to close to SouthPaw & Pawla or take any pics. Tanner was trying his best to help her mommy out! Lol!!
Whew!! Finally!
The Three Amigos
On a side, slightly related note . . .
I always love when Tim brings home our tickets & parking passes for the season; they make me so excited for some reason! Guess it's a football wife thing. :)
Don't you just love our ticket booklets?!
They're all personalized & pretty!!
We're ready for some football!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Since the day his big brothers started back to school, a certain little guy has been anxiously awaiting the start of his school year.  He's been asking for over 2 weeks if it was time for him to go yet.  I told him that his first day would be on a Wednesday.  So, he's been constantly checking in with me to see what day it is.  He usually wakes up & yells from his room, "Is it Wednesday?"  It's been pretty funny to the rest of us, but I know he's proud of his new status as a BIG BOY & was ready to head to school!

Well, Wednesday FINALLY arrived this morning!
We leave the house before 7:00 to get his brothers to school (Timothy starts at 7:20; Taylor starts at 8:10), so I get him dressed after we get back home.  This morning, he said, "It's Wednesday! When are we going to my school? Wait, you didn't put my clothes on!!" I assured him that he would be dressed & at school right on time. :)
Since I'm staying home this year, we decided to send him to a Mother's Day Out program instead of a full time daycare/preschool.  He's going to a great program at a local church 3 days a week, 9:00-1:00. After he was all dressed & ready, we grabbed his school bag, complete with his snack, lunch, folder, & homework, & headed to school!
He was so happy to get to school.  I, on the other hand, found it a little tough to leave. I was a little sad dropping my baby off.  I was glad I got to walk him in & have some long, last, lingering looks before I left.  Parents walk in for drop off & pick up this week; next week carpool starts, which I am kind of pumped about (it will be especially helpful when little Miss Kallie arrives).
I went home, put my feet up, & enjoyed a few hours of peace, quiet, & relaxation in my empty house...NOT!!!! I left his school, stopped by Tim's office, then went to my doctor's appt, which was followed by lunch with my sis-n-law, then a quick stop at Publix for a few groceries. Then, what do you know, it was already time to pick Tanner back up!

He said he had a GREAT day . . . in his words, "we read a book, we colored, we ate, we played on the playground..."  Yep, great day! :)
I let him choose a treat to celebrate having a fabulous 1st day of school.  He wanted to get a vanilla cone from McDonald's, but could barely make it there!  He was so tired; it was pretty funny watching him try to stay awake and eat his ice cream.  He kept saying "I'm not tired, Mommy. I'm not tired . . ." as he dozed off!!  Preschool can wear a kid out!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Open House x 2

Monday night was Open House at both Tanner & Taylor's schools.
Tanner's was at 5:30, so we headed over there first. He was thrilled to meet his teacher, see his classroom, & say hello to some new friends.

Mrs. Emily & Tanner
His school bag . . . just waiting for his lunch, snack, & daily folder!
He quickly found his seat, labeled with his nametag & folder
He loves seeing (& writing & spelling) his name, so it was cool to see it in so many places around the classroom. 
I couldn't even take pics of them all! :)
He also had fun checking out some of the toys w/ his big brother
I had to fast forward to today for just a minute . . .
They have 2 homework assignments in their folders to complete & take back the 1st day, which is Wednesday.  One is to decorate a lunch bag & put 3-4 things (objects or pics) they like inside.
Any guesses on what he chose?!
He LOVES schoolwork & was absolutely giddy when I told him he had homework (probably because his big brothers have it), so he was ready to tackle his assignments ASAP!
The 2nd task was to ask him these questions & record his answers. They're going to use this to get to know one another & make a class scrapbook.  I wish you could see this better because he cracked me up answering the questions - like when I asked what he wants to be when he grows up, he looked at me w/ his head cocked to the side, & in a questioning way stated "a big boy?!" :)  He also kept saying "okay, what's next???"  Right up his alley!!
Taylor's was at 6:00, so we had to rush back over to his school next.  There was a short PTA meeting, complete with a speaker, info from the principal, & 2 dance routines from the cheerleaders.  This was followed by a visit to classrooms to chat with teachers & check out what the kiddos have been up to.

Taylor sitting at his desk.
If you didn't know before, you'll quickly notice what sign this child likes to throw up . . .  ALL THE TIME!
Taylor & Mrs. Allen
(She's his homeroom teacher,
& teaches reading, lang. arts, & social studies)
This is one of Taylor's new friends, Tommy. They hit it off day one & he's talked about him every day since.  He's ready to invite him over (he LOVES having friends over! Sigh.). Tommy & his family moved here from Tampa the same time we were moving from B'ham. He's a cool kid & he & Taylor have similar personalities.  His mother teaches at the school & told me that Tommy can talk to a filing cabinet! Lol!!! 2 peas in a pod!! :)
Taylor & Mrs. Tracy
(she's his math & science teacher)

2 boys, 2 schools, 2 open houses . . . . ONE night, ONE TIRED MOMMA . . . the life of a full time mom/part time football widow!
Oh, & just in case you're still wondering . . .
Tanner put objects & pics in his bag for these 4 likes:
football, the beach, power rangers, his family!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

1st Scrimmage of the Fall

We had one of our first signs of fall today . . . football!
This morning we headed out to watch our first scrimmage of the fall! Woo hoo!!
Can you spot Coach Bowens in the next few pics?!
Football is our life & my boys love every minute of it!
There's always football after the football!!
Lilly & Tanner . . .
coaches' kids, schoolmates, & good buddies
Early Saturday least 100 degrees...7 months pregnant.
Coach Bowens is so lucky to have such a supportive wife!