my kids

my kids

Monday, March 30, 2015

5 Months Old

My sweet baby girl turned 5 months old last Monday!
Time continues to quickly roll on & she is definitely getting too big too fast!!
When laying on her back, she scoots all over, she's ALWAYS trying to sit or stand (even when lounging in her carseat or bed), & she is beyond delighted when seeing the faces of her family.
I really enjoy our girl chats; I love hearing her belly laughs & watching her get so excited. And the way her eyes light up when her daddy walks in the room or when her big brothers get in the car after school just makes my heart happy. 
She LOVES to eat (or drink according to Tanner), so we enjoy LOTS of quality nursing time. :) She also enjoys sitting at the table for meals & happily slurps up her baby food.
The one thing that is not so happy for her poor parents is the night waking. She started sleeping through the night at 2 months old, but once she reached 4 months (& ever since), she's up every 2 hours to eat again.  It's very draining & it's hard to function off the amount of sleep I get, so I'm hoping (praying, pleading, begging) that this phase/growth spurt/rough patch passes VERY soon!

It was tough to get a good shot this month because this little wiggle worm would not be still! Between her not wanting to sit still, trying to stretch & stand, eating the 5 month sticker, & yanking her headband off, it's a wonder I even kept trying. I was tired & sweating, but my type A wouldn't let me quit! :)
Check out the outtakes... 
Now for some better shots...
Umm, can you tell she's teething?!
And here are a couple carpool selfies of the Bowens girlies!
Love my sweet girl!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Baseball Opening Day

Spring has sprung, which means the Bowens boys are back to baseball! They're playing with Westside Baseball, one of the most popular & competitive leagues in Mobile. Timothy won't start until April (after middle schools finish up w/ play), but the younger boys began their seasons with opening day at Westside Park last Saturday.
Here the teams are all lined up for opening ceremonies
Then each team & coach was introduced & paraded down & around the field. So cool!
Can you spot short, little Tanner?!
Bet you can find him now...
he's the shortest one, right in the middle!
Next is Taylor & his team
National Anthem by part of the Dawes choir
(Taylor's school)
There would have been a pic of AJ McCarron here.
(Unless you've been living under a rock,
you know he's the former national championship winning Bama QB & is now in the NFL w/ the Bengals)
He's coaching one of the t-ball teams & threw out the 1st pitch.
Unfortunately, I had to head to my truck right before this to feed a little certain someone...  
Taylor is on the Yankees in the competitive 11/12 yr old Major Division. They had the first game of the day & it was thrilling to watch their game -- they play some REAL DEAL baseball!!
These guys are good!!!
Taylor just had to show off his new batting gloves & his baseball offensive/defensive stances in a close-up,
so I took these later in the evening!
Tanner is on the Indians in the 5/6 yr old T-ball division.
(He should have been in the 4/5 league, but there were so many kids, he had to play up)
They played later in the day & it was an hour of PURE ENTERTAINMENT!! We were cracking up the entire time; they are so stinkin' cute & pretty darn funny! 
And I must include pics of their biggest fan...
this sweet girl can be such a diva in the stands!! :)
Our Bunch is looking forward to a fun, wining season of baseball!!
**Tim is deep into spring practice right now & it'll be time for spring recruiting before you know it (can you see my exasperated face right now?!)...he gets to games & practices when/if he can. So....PLEASE keep me on the prayer list as I shuttle all of these boys back & forth to practices & games all week & weekend. Somebody's at the ballpark playing or practicing almot every single day of the week! 
Sigh...yay baseball...!