my kids

my kids

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visit to The Gump

Betsey Peterson was one of my first (& still one of my best) B'ham friends.
We taught together at Edgewood for several years.
We were next door neighbors at school, our homes were a few minutes from each other, & she taught my Timothy in 2nd grade.
Last year, her mean ole husband took a (great) job at AUM & moved the family to Montgomery. :(

We miss her terribly, & today, me, Tanner, & 3 friends from school headed down to the Gump to visit Betsey & her precious daughters, Kathryn & Julia Elizabeth.
We had lunch at a fun restaurant, then spent a few hours at her gorgeous new home. :)
It was a fun day & it was so nice to just sit & catch up with friends!!
Kathryn cracks us up!
The faces she makes & things she does are priceless.
She is DEFINITELY her mother's child. :)
My precious boy
The kids had fun reading & playing on the floor w/ Aunt Johnny!
All that playing can make you tired.
3 people took a nap - 2 kids, 1 adult . . .
The new baby!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Moments

We celebrated Memorial Day on Monday with lots of family & friends from my parents' church. 
We were at our usual spot - my parents' place out in the country.
There was LOTS of food (my main reason for attending), basketball, softball, horseshoes, fishing, an inflatable to jump in, a little water mister to keep cool, & a huge inflatable water slide.
There was also an abundance of great company & laughter, which makes for an all around terrific day.

May has been an extremely busy month, with the past 2 weeks being incredibly jam-packed, & I think I'm still trying to recover & recuperate . . . that's my excuse for not doing my usual amount of picture taking.  :)
I did snap a few fun moments as we wrapped things up & prepared to leave. 
Forgive me for not giving you what I usually give - enjoy this sampling! :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Graduate

Timothy is officially a middle schooler!!
5th grade graduation ceremonies were held on Wednesday afternoon at Edgewood.
Timothy had many proud (teary eyed) guests!

We enjoyed some drum music, then the ceremony began.

My smart, well-rounded son was recognized for several honors - Edgewood Ambassador, Safety Patrol, Perfect Attendance, Academic Honor Roll, & Presidential Academic Award.

Our principal, Mrs. Simpson, gave each 5th grader a medal & shook his/her hand.
(Taylor yelled out "You Da Man!" as Timothy got his medal.  Everyone cracked up.  Typical Taylor.)

The program ended with a sweet 5th grade video.
5th Grade Teachers :)

Taylor became VERY emotional at the end of the ceremony.  He will definitely miss having his brother at the same school next year.

We are all so proud of Timbo!!

We continued to celebrate with lunch at Red Lobster. 
Timothy opened his cards & checked out his surprises. . . which were quite numerous...
(I don't remember getting money & gifts when I finished 5th grade!)

Timothy we are so proud of you & your accomplishments!!!
We know you will continue to do great & wonderful things!!