my kids

my kids

Monday, October 31, 2011

Twick or Tweat!

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!!!!
(or 'WEEEEN as Tanner's been saying all day!)
A coach, a quarterback, and a mascot named Blaze had a fab night of trick-or-treating. . .
Tanner was THE CUTEST thing trotting along to each door, saying "twick or tweat," & going for lollipops only!
Taylor had to hold a 5 minute conversation at EVERY stop, explaining his costume (He was asked several times if he was Cam Newton, to which he replied, NO!! WE HATE AUBURN!!) or explaining that he doesn't like chocolate or discussing what was in people's houses... Craziness!!
Timothy, as always, was the ultimate caring, helpful, big brother.  He lead his brothers to each home, holding Tanner's hand, helping him get his candy in his bucket, making sure they said thank you.  He was happy to take the chocolate Taylor didn't want. He also offered to go back to the house early to hand out our candy while we finished trick-or-treating. 
I (still Cruella!) trotted along behind the boys pulling the wagon with all of our stuff . . .
. . . and for when Tanner got too tired to walk!
(our neighbor, Ed-wurd!!)
Dots! Lollipops! Chocolate!

Character Day

Every year on Halloween, 2nd graders participate in Character Day at our school.  A few weeks ago, they were given the assignment to choose a book on their reading level, read it, fill in a story chart, then use that info to write a summary.  Today, they came to school dressed as the main character and each presented a summary.

Taylor was A.J. from Ms. Coco is Loco, one of the books from the "My Weird School" series.  He looked so cute and did an awesome job!! 

The 2nd grade teachers were Cruella deVille and 6 Dalmatians!
Another fun day in second grade!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Classic Weekend

It's Magic City Classic weekend!! The boys headed out to enjoy the festivities with my parents!! Go ASU!!

Good 'Ole Grandpals

Friday was Grandpals' Day at our school! This annual event is a big deal at Edgewood - it's when grandpals (grandparents or people who are like grandparents) come & visit their grandchildren at school.  They get to see classrooms & things we're working on, plus the kids always create special writing & artwork about their grandpals & give them handmade presents. After visiting in the classroom, we go down to the library for refreshments. This is a full day event and you wouldn't believe the turnout!

My boys always look forward to having their grandpals come visit at school!!

Papa G, Taylor, & MaMa
Grandma & Taylor
Grandma & Timothy
Timothy, MaMa, & Papa G
Me & Timbo
Me & my Mom-in-law
Me, Timbo, & My Parents

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jersey Day

We're celebrating Red Ribbon Week at our school, which means we have a theme each day that helps us remember to stay away from drugs.  Best part?  DRESSING UP!!

Today's theme was "Stay In The Game - Don't Do Drugs" & everyone wore their favorite team jerseys!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The UCF Game

The scoreboard and our happy faces pretty much say it all . . .
Woo Hoo for the Blazer win!!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moving to the "Mids" . . .

Today, we're celebrating 34 years of Tim Bowens - which means he's officially moved to his MID-THIRTIES!!! 
(Good he has a young wife to keep him feeling young!)
The boys & I (& the rest of our family & friends) are so blessed to have such a loving, caring, hard-working, strong, God-fearing man in our lives.

This is a little video tribute my talented Timothy created for his daddy:

We did some 34th birthday celebrating tonight. Check out these fun pics :) . . .
Watching Timothy's video tribute :)
Taylor performing an original song entitled "Daddy" :)
A new iPad case (w/ an easel to take the place of his old "stand")!!!
It was a fun day!!!! Keep the birthday boy's wife in your prayers. It's tough being married to an older, middle-aged man . . . .