my kids

my kids

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Grad School Residency

So pumped to share that my grad school journey has come to an end!!
I finished all of my classes & only had a 2 week residency (internship), exit interview (mock job interview), & completion of my certification paperwork to officially be done! Woo hoo!!!!

I completed my internship at my school with my principal & assistant principal serving as my mentors - they answered questions, shared experiences & expertise, & put me to work completing a multitude of administrative duties to meet the required standards.

I truly enjoyed the experience & learned a lot. 
Here are a few snapshots (showing just a few of the tasks I completed) from the two busy weeks . . .

Unpacking, sorting, & organizing new reading materials
Facilities (those being renovated, etc) Tour
Making parent student communicators
Installing new computer programs
Editing & updating handbook
Two of my fave activities (that I couldn't take pics of) were sitting in on a School Nurse Interview & attending the monthly Principals' Meeting!!
Artifacts from the residency, plus specific items from my coursework, went into my Leadership Portfolio;
this notebook had to be detailed, organized, & explain/give examples of each of the 8 standards of leadership . . .
I completed this residency, rocked my interview,
& will turn in my paperwork next week!
Can I get a Wooooo Hoooo?!!!!

Keynote Speaker

I was beyond honored to be asked to attend my old high school's Baccalaureate (the program before graduation)
as the keynote speaker!
Although I hate speaking at things, I knew it was an honor & obviously sent by God (very fitting for the current path I'm on!).

With my family & some close friends in attendance to support me (like always!), I delivered what I thought was an uplifting, heartfelt, thoughtful message to the graduating seniors & their parents. 
I truly enjoyed the experience & received many compliments & thank yous after it was over!
The principal & senior sponsor even asked me to send them copies of my speech after it was over!!
I'm with the principal, class president, val, & sal
Mike Ward, Decatur HS principal, introducing me
This was a long (slightly nerve wracking) walk!!
Can you find me on the program?!
I felt so distinguished (& old)! :)
Love, love, love my supportive fam!!
(More were there, but we didn't get pics at the HS)

The Family Nurse

We are so proud of my cousin, Andrea, who graduated from the University of North Alabama with a nursing degree on Mother's Day weekend!! We were happy to attend her graduation & share in a special day! 

By the way, members of our fam already call her constantly with medical questions . . . sure saves us trips & calls to the doc! Ha!! :)

And, she already has a job!! She is some kind of nurse (can't remember the long word) at UAB.  Added bonus for us is that she has moved to & is working here in B'ham!! Woo hoo!!!

Congrats to Nurse Andrea Mason!!!! We love you!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ending the School Year...

The end of the school year came during my blog sabbatical
(hee hee), but I wanted to fill you in on some highlights!

*Tanner finished up a fun year with all of his BEST FRIENDS at school! He absolutely LOVES going to school because he enjoys everything they do - snack, learning, lunch, playing, nap, snack - & he has learned so much this year.  He's constantly singing songs, repeating chants, & naming colors, numbers, & letters.  By far his fave part are his friends.  He talks about them (by name) ALL THE TIME.  I think it's the cutest thing!

*Taylor had a fabulous 3rd grade year.  He enjoyed having many great friends in his class & was blessed to have an awesome teacher.  He survived his first year of standardized testing & had straight As the entire school year.  So proud of him!

*Timothy made the smoothest transition ever into middle school & thoroughly enjoyed 6th grade.  He made some new friends, was invited to sit at the "popular" table at lunch (bring back memories?! Ha!!), & had some fabulous teachers.  He had lots of homework & some tough tests & assignments, but learned both lots of new things & how to balance his workload.  He made straight As & had perfect attendance the entire school year.  He also won the Outstanding Character Award for his class.  (I had several pics from his Honors Day, but can't get to them at the moment.  I'll add them to the post if/when I can; you can also see them if you follow me on Instagram @kbowens78). 
So proud of him as well!

*I finished up my TENTH year of teaching (6 at Edgewood & in 2nd grade)!! It's really hard to believe.  I had THE MOST FABULOUS class & group of parents this year.  They were so supportive & made me feel so special the entire year.  Check out how they surprised me on the last day . . .
I must also add that this year was bittersweet.  I decided to accept a new position at my school, so I will not be teaching 2nd grade anymore.  I'm sad to leave the grade & team I know & love so well, but I'm really excited about what's ahead!! I will be the new Reading Specialist at my school, which means I will work with all students & teachers K-5, closely with our assistant principal for instruction, & with reading data & intervention.  This also puts me a step closer to moving into administration.  I'll keep you updated on my new adventures...!! 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Real Talent

I live with some talented guys.
Sometimes it's so on display that I can hardly take it!

I just have share some of the talent I saw in the past couple weeks . . .

Wow! Timothy sure knows how to make some faces . . .
(hee hee hee)
And isn't Taylor a great bubble blower?! Amazing!!
Tanner sure can pose . . . especially like a power ranger! Whoa!!
My boys' real talent has got to be being so super cute
(every single day) . . .
 . . . & pretty lovable (to each other sometimes;
to their momma all the time!)
Peace, Love, and . . . Talent?!