my kids

my kids

Friday, January 31, 2014

Best Day Ever?

Is that snow?!
We'd heard we might get some flurries, you know, a little dusting...
& we were excited to see the swirls start Tuesday morning.
But then it really started to come down & stick!
School was unexpectedly, abruptly closed at 10:30.
Taylor said "This is the best day ever!!"
Teachers sprang into action getting our kids ready for the early dismissal...
Tim left home to get the other 2 boys, but with the volume & speed of the snow & ice, conditions deteriorated very quickly. It was tough for him to get from our house to Homewood. Taylor & I jumped in the truck to go get Timothy, whose school is right down the street from ours (literally 2 minutes). After getting through some traffic at the 1st intersection, I started up the street to his school & my truck wouldn't keep going. I was sliding backwards, rolling at an angle & almost had 3 wrecks! It was very scary!!! I finally just parked on the side of the street & we walked, through the cold, blowing snow, uphill to the middle school & got Timbo.  We walked back, slipping & sliding & trying not to fall, downhill back toward my school.  Taylor, who was tired & numb by this point, remarked that maybe this WASN'T the best day ever . . . Ya think?!!
Tim was able to get Tanner & came to my school to pick us up.  We tried, but w/ conditions getting icier & the unbelievable amount of cars on the road either trying to get home or abandoned, we had to go back to my school. We ended up spending the night there. 
We, along with several other staff members & students, had lunch & dinner in the cafeteria, watched movies (we saw "Frozen" which was quite appropriate!), & slept on pallets -- it was just like sleepaway camp!! We were just thankful to be safe, warm, & together!!
We decided to try to get home on Wednesday morning.
We left the school around 9:00 a.m.
It was craziness outside -- slick, icy roads &
a massive amount of abandoned cars parked EVERYWHERE!!!
We inched along until we could go no further.
We finally had to park on the side of the road & walk the last couple miles home.
When we woke up Tuesday morning,
we had no idea how the next 24 hours would play out. 
We would have NEVER guessed all of this!
We have a truck parked in Homewood, a car parked down the road, frozen pipes...
but we are safe, warm, home, & together!!!
We survived Snowmageddon 2014!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cracks & Consequences

So, one of my sons uses his Daddy's old iPhone all the time . . .
to watch videos, play games, record things, etc.
His daddy just reminds him to take care of it, keep it charged, & have it available if he needs to use.

Well, last weekend we found this in his bed...
Not only did he drop & crack it, he tried to hide it from us!
His daddy had a talk with him about taking care of things & being honest.
And, to drive home the point of the discussion, he had to put some of his valuables in our room for a few days...
Parenting is a tough job...but somebody's gotta do it

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cover Boy

Earlier this month, a mom who has children the same age as my big boys reached out to me about an amazing opportunity. Her husband owns a small advertising agency & they do work for Children's Hospital of Alabama.  Last year, Children's did their first online annual report & were looking to do the same this year. 

The agency was looking for a child for the cover & she thought of Taylor! She reasoned that "he's not shy, he's cute, & he's outgoing."  Couldn't argue with that!!

On the day we were out for MLK Day, we met them on location (hee hee!) for the photoshoot.
It was such a pretty day & everything went great.  I snapped lots of pics during the shoot... 
My other boys were happy for this opportunity as well...
they played ball the whole time!
Taylor was paid $50 &
we went to Sonic to celebrate after he finished! :)
The report should be out in a few weeks,
so I'll post an update when it comes out.
Paul sent me the winning shot that will be used as the cover!
Isn't it fabulous?!!
This is just the first of many opportunities for this child,
who has always said he's going to be famous!!
Anybody know a good agent?
Does this mean I'm a stage mom now?!!

Marriage Matters

Our church has started a marriage ministry!!
My hubby (along w/ his witty sidekick) is leading this group & we're thrilled about the opportunity to impact the other couples at church, as we all work together to strengthen our marriages.
In addition to various outings that might pop up from time to time, we will meet every 3rd Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast & an invigorating, encouraging, interesting discussion!!
Our first meeting was a couple Sundays ago & I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Falcon Fun

My sis is an assistant women's basketball coach at the University of Montevallo.
Because of our games at the end of the football season,
we've only been to one of her games.
We were pumped to get to the conference opener earlier this month!
There's Coach Redus in the black jacket!
The Falcons lost a heartbreaker by 3,
but we're still proud (as always) of our fave bball coach!! :)
Taylor got to be a floor sweeper during the men's game!
He did an AWESOME job!
He even got a free popcorn & drink during halftime. 
Tanner wanted to stay right on the edge of the action . . .
...he also decided to be the halftime entertainment :(
Basketball Funners!
Falcon Up!! Fear the Falcons!!