my kids

my kids

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Reckless Driving

Just a word of caution . . . always get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel, or if you've been on the road awhile, please stop & get some rest. I wouldn't want this to happen to you . . .

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fire It Up

When we lived in Tuscaloosa, we had a grill that Tim loved & used ALL THE TIME. I have no idea what happened to it when we moved to B'ham. Tim has talked about getting another one CONSTANTLY ever since. Well, we have finally gotten one!! Woo Hoo!!! It was one of his Father's Day gifts and we have been enjoying it immensely. Chicken last night, burgers tonight, wonder what we'll have tomorrow night. . .

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shaving Cream . . .

Timothy went to a sleepover at his friend Zack's house Friday evening. There were several of his friends there from school & Timbo was so pumped to go. Judging by the pics Zack's mom sent to me, there was not a shortage of fun...

My All-Stars

Timothy & Taylor both made all-stars this season! It's amazing how their impressive baseball skills have been passed on down from their mama. :) Taylor's team played against the season champion Yanks & beat them by 6.  Final score was 11-5 and my guy had a great game. Timothy's team played against the season champion Cards & lost by 3.  Final score was 10-7 & Timothy also had an awesome game. He had 2 really amazing defensive stops. And the day ended with a bang - watermelon party!

Taylor ready & waiting on the pitcher's mound
Timothy on the pitcher's mound
Victory! Woo Hoo!!
Best part of the day?!? THE WATERMELON!!!
These three will ALWAYS be all-stars to me!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Bubba!

It's my little brother's birthday! His name is Gary Redus II, but he's G to his family & friends & Bubba to his 3 nephews. He is 22 years old today!!! Woo Hoo!!!

G has been playing basketball since he could walk.
He continued to play through college. He's #1 to us.
Here are a couple shots of him in action.
G graduated from college in May.
These are pics of us with him right after the ceremony.
Any guesses on how tall he is????
Since we were heading back to B'ham today, we went out for his birthday last night. We ate some delicious food at Longhorn's & then G had dessert & opened his present. 
He was SO PUMPED!!!
Happy 22!!! We wish you many, many more!!! We love you lots!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Decatur Where It's Greater!!!

We headed to my hometown, Decatur (where it's greater!), to spend a few days hanging out with the fam. This is probably the boys favorite thing about summer.  They LOVE to go to Decatur (where it's greater!) to visit. They'd probably stay permanently if I let them....Here are the highlights of the trip:

One of my sisters got my brother the cutest little yorkie for his college graduation. His name is Dougie (Tanner calls him "Dooey") & the boys wear the poor thing out!
Dougie (Dooey) getting a break by hiding behind Nish's legs . . .
Tanner loves to play with Dooey, then close him in his cage!
Guess Tanner's imagining the day when he's as big as Bubba . . .
 We set up lots of blankets & pillows & had a slumber party each night we were there - so fun!! Funny how the older people were always first to fall asleep . . . I'm sure you can guess who was always last . . .
The boys love to play with NeNe's iPad
12:30 . . .
We were delighted to go spend a day with my grandparents, Papa & Mama Doris.  The boys love to run around the huge backyard with their dog, Bo, pick plums off the trees, and EAT, EAT, EAT!
We had to give Papa his Father's Day card & present first

The boys are playing with my cousin's daughter, Nevaeh
My cousin Terry with Tanner & his daughter Nevaeh
Nevaeh was proud to show off her new princess bike!
We ate plums . . .
...and pizza...
...and ice cream.
Eating & playing outside can sure wear you out!
(Thanks for getting this pic, Kosh. I owe you one.)
The boys still see their dentist, Dr. Pat Stanley, in Decatur.  He was my dentist when I was growing up too. We figure there's no need to switch over since dental visits happen only twice a year. We just schedule them for summertime & Christmastime. This part of the trip was not as fun as the others. :(
We love Dr. Stanley!
Timothy had a great checkup!
Taylor had a good checkup too, but had one cavity.
They fixed it & Taylor was not happy. :(
Dentist done. The boys go back right after Christmas. I was informed that it will be time for Tanner to come too.  That should be interesting...

Whew!!! Mother & Daddy (aka Ma Ma & Papa G) made a tasty breakfast this morning! We very much enjoyed! :)

Hi Kosh!!
Um, um, um
This ladies man actually stopped talking on his phone to eat!
#1 in each other's hearts . . . :)
And this is what a full belly will do to ya!!