my kids

my kids

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dauphin Island Excursion

Dauphin Island is a small island nestled in the Gulf of Mexico, about 40 minutes south of Mobile. In middle school, going to Dauphin Island was our big 7th grade trip. We had to go to classes, research & study (memorize) info related to a specific topic, then write an essay from memory. It was tough because it was a big trip for middle schoolers. I was so happy to make the cut & travel with the class 6 hours south to spend a week studying & doing experiments at the Sea Lab & Estuarium.
Now we live in Mobile, about 30 miles from the island, & haven't been back! Taylor's class had a 5th grade trip to the lab & estuarium last year, but in the 2 & a half years of living down here, our family has not gone over...crazy!!
Tim & I talked about it & he was itching to get over as soon as he got a work break. So, last Monday, after all of the kids were at school, we (along with our daughter) jumped in the car & drove over to check out the island. We're used to going to the beach in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, which takes over an hour from our house. This was a much shorter & much easier drive. We drove from one end of the island to the other, checked out the 3 main beaches, saw Fort Gaines & the ferry, scanned the school, businesses, & homes (for future purposes maybe...), & sat outside & had lunch. It was such a fun little excursion! 
During the weekend, we packed up our beach stuff, snacks, & the kids & headed back to Dauphin Island...we spent the day enjoying the beach on our newly rediscovered little island!
I think it's safe to say that we'll be back soon...

Monday, May 30, 2016

Flag Football Begins

Taylor & Tanner are super pumped to be playing FLAG FOOTBALL this summer! They had evaluations a couple weeks ago. As they went through the various stations & drills, all of the coaches were pretty impressed & vying to get them on their teams (duh!).
Then, last Thursday & Friday, the boys had their 1st practices of the season. Between shiny new cleats, mouthguards, headbands, & wristbands, they were the most decked out on the field by far! They also seemed to be the most skilled. Tanner cracked us up the entire could tell he thought he was the best & did his best to show off his super skills. Tim said his confidence is now bordering on cockiness! Lol!!
They have a couple more practices, pictures on Saturday, & then their 1st games at the end of next week. They CANNOT wait. I CANNOT wait to see them in action. This is sure to be a fun, entertaining season!

Party Weekend

As I've mentioned before, when you have a family of six, there's ALWAYS something going on. Our days are filled with practices & parties, appointments & appearances. Last weekend was particularly busy for our kindergartener...who was so pumped to have multiple school events during the week along with TWO birthday parties during the weekend (so many bday parties at this age!).
Saturday morning we partied at Pete's Party Castle for his friend & classmate Addison's 6th birthday. He had a fabulous time there & wants to take his siblings there for sure. As a matter of fact, when I told him we'd go back, he asked if it could be later that day!
Such a cutie :)
The 2nd party was Sunday afternoon at his friend & classmate Alex's house. They have an amazing backyard with a big pool, playset, basketball court, & grassy area. I only snapped one pic (guess I was too busy basking in the warm sun & funny conversations), but the kids had a grand ole time splashing in the pool, playing ball, beating the poor piƱata, & gobbling down the assortment of treats.
Another weekend, another batch of parties.
Such is the life of a 6-year-old. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

6th Grade Honors Day

MaMa, Kallie, & I joined other proud families for Causey Middle School's 6th grade honors day. Taylor did an awesome job this school year & we're so proud of the grades he brought home & the friend & student he has been to his classmates & teachers. Although we continue to work on responsibility, we look forward to continuing greatness for our middle son in middle school!
Yay Taylor!!!