my kids

my kids

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ending With A . . . Bowl!

Well, another baseball season has come SLIDING to an exciting end! Hee hee hee!! :)
The big boys were Yanks & the team ended the year in 2nd place!
Both boys had tremendous seasons, both offensively & defensively.
Timothy was chosen to play on All-Stars, which beat the 1st place team today!!

We wrapped everything up this afternoon with a team bowling party.
Everyone was ROLLING in fun - bowling, eating, drinking, & finally getting cool trophies!
Fun times!!! :p
It was so nice to have Tim be able to help with practices
& assist as a coach the whole season.
The last trophy given was for MVP, Most Valuable Parent.
It was given to Coach Bowens. Very much deserved!!

Awesome job this season Taylor, Timothy, & Coach Bowens!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dads' Day

What would the world be without Darling Dads?!?!!
Today was all about celebrating our incredible, fabulous, amazing dads!!

The boys and I were so pumped to get crafty & make something for all the daddies in our lives . . .

Papa G
Paw Paw
Mr. Perry
Uncle Bang

We took the number one dad in our house out after church for lunch & surprises.
(It's very interesting to watch him open presents.  He gets so excited, just like Timothy! *sarcastic voice*  I just try to remember that just because someone doesn't get as excited as me & Taylor doesn't mean they don't like or appreciate the gifts . . . )
My Fave Four :)

Hard to keep up with this guy,
but I think he likes his new headphones!!

Mere words cannot begin to express how much we love & appreciate ALL the fathers that impact our lives. 
Thanks for who you are & the things you do.

Birthday Fun

Yesterday, my sister's goddaughter had her 4th birthday party & we were invited to join the fun! If there's one thing The Bowens Bunch enjoys, it's birthdays!!! Thanks to Lottie & Jordan for a fun time!!!
We could not get someone off the scooters & bikes!!
And he absolutely LOVED the helmet!!!
Cake, please!!
Fun times!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Family Pic

We took our family pic for the Samford Football Media Guide for the upcoming season.
The photographer was happy to snap one on my phone so you could check it out!
(Although Tanner does not look very happy in this pic, he did smile for the "real" ones, thank goodness!!)

The pictures were taken on Samford's beautiful campus,
where we've enjoyed spending lots of time this summer.
It was different to get out the red & navy
(as opposed to the green & gold of the past 5 years),
but we like it!!  What do you think?!  :)

We are so thrilled to be part of the Samford family &
can't wait for an exciting football season!!
Bowwow Bulldogs!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Samford Football Camp

The big boys attended football camp last week & had a bulldog of a good time! :)
Tanner & I headed over on the last day of camp to check them out . . .

Taylor always seems to be on the "Skins" team . . .
Timothy makes sure to stay on the "Shirts" team!
Hey Coach Bowens!
It didn't take long for Tanner to join in!!
Closing activities & prize bags :)
Signing shirts
Happy, but tired boys w/ our wonderful HC, Coach Sullivan