my kids

my kids

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Samford Fan Day

We had our Football Fan Day at Brookwood Mall today!!
It was a fun time & got us pumped for the season!
Our 1st game is Friday night at the Georgia Dome &
we can't wait to cheer our Bulldogs on to victory!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School

The Bowens Bunch headed back to school today!!!
And I can happily report that EACH member of our crew happily reported to his/her respective school (can you believe we have 4 different ones?!) & had a fabulous day!

The night before we headed back to school,
we made some "happies" for our new teachers!

As you can see, Timothy chose not to participate.
He informed me that 7th graders don't do that.
Since Tanner has moved up to the "big" class,
he can't store his lunches & snacks at school anymore.
Instead he must take it in his lunchbox & backpack each day.
He was so excited to pick his lunch & snack stuff &
help get everything ready!!
This will be part of his nightly routine & I know he will love it!
Don't you just love his adorable new backpack & lunchbox?!!

Now on to the first day & where we all headed . . . :)
Coach Bowens
Wide Receivers at Samford 
Mrs. Bowens
Reading Coach at Edgewood
7th Grader at HMS
4th Grader at Edgewood
3K at Lil Angels
After such a fab first day back,
this Bunch deserved a treat!!
Happy Back To School!!
We're all looking forward to an awesome school year!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My New Classroom!

As you know, I have a new position at school this year!
I'm the Reading Coach & I couldn't be more excited!!
Part of moving to this new position meant moving to
& preparing a new classroom.
After being in the same classroom for 6 years,
accumulating LOTS & LOTS of stuff,
it was quite a feat getting everything packed up & cleaned out.
I decided (w/ strong nudging from my hubby)
to ditch all of the stuff from my old classroom theme
& start with a clean slate.
The fun part was coming up with new ideas
& decorating a new room!!
Check out my new digs . . .
What do you think?!!
Does it make you want to read??? :)