my kids

my kids

Friday, July 27, 2012

Catch Up Time

So, I've not been able to post as many things as usual this summer. . . blame it on grad school monopolizing my precious time!!!
After a grueling summer of constant schoolwork, it's finally coming to an end - my last class is on Monday.
Then I can enjoy A FULL WEEK of vacation . . . before going back to work the next week!! Arghhh!!!!

Anywhoo, I wanted to post some random pics to show some things the Bowens Bunch has been up to the past few weeks . . .

A new treat opened in Homewood this summer - Steel City Pops!
It's a cool place that sells all kinds of popsicles!!

The boys have played sports all summer.
The big boys played baseball & have gone to football camp twice.
Tanner decided he wouldn't be left out,
& has really been honing his defense skills . . . 

We of course keep our fair share of injuries.
The latest involved Tanner, Taylor, the playroom,
& the corner of the pull-out bed.
Timothy reported that lots of roughousing was going on.

Our family is certainly technologically advanced.
Most nights you will find all 5 of us on various devices -
laptops, iPads, iPhones, you name it.
Tanner thinks most of the items belong to him,
& he knows how to work them all!!

Nothing beats Mexican & we love to eat out
at one of our faves - Habaneros!!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Family Fun Night

Our church had a family fun night & potluck on Friday night.
The night was FULL of  .  .  .


The kids played all kinds of game, including Twister & dodgeball.  
Here they are doing a Thriller routine on the Wii!
The adults played Bible Taboo - guys against girls.
I didn't get any pics of this because I was so into the game!
Girls won of course!! :)

And a Dance Contest
(Can you guess which 2 of my boys participated???)
**Technical difficulty loading video.
Check back later!!

This was probably my fave part!! :)
I made Buffalo Chicken Dip.
Everyone love, love, loved it!! :)

Reign & I were twins!
Who do those 3 characters belong to???
Ms. Dana loves her assistant!
Somebody spent a lot of time with his new woman . . .


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting

We're friends & go to church with a couple that had a precious baby boy earlier this year.
His name is Joshua & he just turned 5 months old.
Right after school ended, we offered to do some babysitting & give them a break for some "couple time."

Things have been pretty hectic for me w/ grad school, but we did get the week of the 4th off; so upon returning from Decatur (w/out the big boys who wanted to stay longer), Tim, Tanner, & I babysat Baby Joshua!!

We kept him Friday & Saturday.
I learned it doesn't take long to forget what to do with a baby. . .
It was a quite an adventure!! :)

Our first stop was the mall.
2 little ones is lots of work!
(It's been awhile since we had 2 little at the same time!)
Somebody was tuckered out
Tanner & Joshua are already good buddies from church.
He couldn't wait to get him to the house to play!
That night, we went to his mom's surprise 30th b'day party.
She was very surprised!!
Tanner loved "holding" Josh
This was right before bath & bedtime . . .

Then we spent lots of um, "quality time" with Joshua
during the night. :)
We were too sleepy to get any pics during those few hours,
but we learned that our bodies are definitely not still
conditioned for that!

Did I mention how much Tanner loved holding Joshua?!?
He asked CONSTANTLY!!!
And no one could make Josh laugh like Tanner!

Fun Times!!!
Maybe this was good preparation for number 4 . . .
What do you think??? Ha!!