my kids

my kids

Sunday, April 21, 2013

They're Back!

So Saturday morning, I was standing in my bathroom 
brushing my teeth when Tanner came rushing to the doorway.
"Mommy!" he exclaimed. "It's Mama Da & Hambone!! They're back!!"
And in fact, they were!
My grandparents, Mama Doris & Papa
(Mama Da & Hambone to my little one),
came to town to watch the big boys play baseball!
SOMEone was being uncooperative again...
Yep, that one!!
We hit up one of our fave spots after the game!
Yum, yum, yum!!!
Hot fries!
Tasty ribs!
Clean rib!!
Uh, bbq sauce in cheese biscuit?!
Great game (Yanks won 13-4!). 
Great company (it was great to see our grand/great grands!!).
 Great food (I'm still full!). 
Fabulous Day!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Space Trip

Timothy & his 6th grade classmates took a trip to the Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville last week.
My mother & I were among several parents who tagged along as chaperones.
We experienced many interesting & entertaining things throughout the day long trip!!

We got to start with a tour . . .
we were amazed at all the super cool memorabilia!
The day was cold & rainy, which made walking between the
buildings for the various activities miserable . . . :(
We took part in a space lab!
The kids had to construct a lander with a parachute;
like the rovers that have been sent to Mars!!
Then the kids put eggs in the landers & we had an Egg Drop!!
Timothy's group's egg didn't survive the landing in one piece!
Next stop . . .
And back out to the next stop . . .
The kids had some free time to enjoy some fun stuff -
Timothy said no to the rock wall :)
He said yes to the space ride :)
We could see them on the screen . . . so neat!!
And he said definitely no to this spinning ride!!
 We ended the day with an Imax Movie about
The Hubble space station - it was quite intriguing!!
I'm so glad we took this trip because we had A BLAST!!!
(Hee hee hee!!)