my kids

my kids

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Genki desu ka  (How are you?)
Tanner Son is getting in touching with his Japanese side!

A lady that subbed for me a few times at school lived in Japan for many years. On her last visit, she brought a kimono (along with the matching shorts) back for Tanner.
 Love, love, love!!!

More Lifesavers

Guess what?!? More lifesavers came to town!! My mom and sis came to town on Wednesday to visit & help out as we inch toward the end of summer vacay. My mother cooked, did laundry, cleaned my kitchen & helped with the boys. My sis helped me with NUMEROUS home & school projects - playroom makeover, goodie bags, student binders, & more. I got to do some work at school, run some errands (SO much easier solo!), & have some help with all of my projects. What lifesavers!! It was so nice having the help, but I enjoyed just visiting too. Love, love, love my fam!!!!

Here are a few pics from the visit . . .

Had to visit our fave spot for lunch - Habaneros!
Someone just loves chips & salsa!
It makes him happy to eat & dip by himself. :)
When everyone knows you & your children by name,
picks up your baby, kisses him,
carries him around the restaurant . . .
Does that mean you go there too much???
This is Tanner & the manager. She LOVES the Bowens Boys!! 

So, Mother requested Tim's famous
shrimp & grits for dinner Friday night.
Think she enjoyed it???
He also made his famous slushies.
Wonder who enjoyed that most???

The boys LOVE card & board games.
Mama joined them for UNO.

SOME people are heading back to work . . .
. . . good they have sisters willing to help!!

So, Mother & Kosh headed back Saturday afternoon. We miss them already. One fact makes us feel better - they'll be back on Friday!! Woo Hoo!!! MaMa will be taking the boys shopping for some back to school things during tax free weekend. Kosh & Nish will be helping me out with last minute school things & will help with the boys. I will have to go back to work before they start school. TGFF - Thank God For Family!! :-) 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Playroom Makeover

In our basement (or dungeon as my dad calls it) is the big boys' bedroom, bathroom, & playroom. I love having that area because they can play, be loud, be stinky, whatever, & their mama doesn't have to hear it/smell it!!

One of my summer projects was to spruce up the playroom. The clutter & disorganization of it has been driving me & my OCD crazy!!! My sis, Kosh, & I did some thinkin'. . . then we did some tweakin' . . .

Take a look at some before & after pics & see what you think!


A teacher/mommy's best friend :)
Those are the football fields Papa made! 
MANY games have been played on those fields.
One is for small football men; the other is for paper football.
Oh, & the wrestling ring . . . yep, that gets plenty of use too!
Note the big wooden dress up box . . .
full of old halloween & school theme day costumes.
I spy a yellow wig on top . . . :) 
This gets plenty of use too.
I had some of the boys' original artwork from this
past school year framed.
Timothy painted this one.
And Taylor painted this.
They are so artistic!!
Love, love, love!!!
Guitars are kept over in that corner. That's where all the musical magic happens.
Have you heard any of Taylor's original pieces???

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They're Ba-aack!

So today I had to begrudgingly head to the Jefferson County Courthouse to get a tag for Goldie. Anyone who lives in this area and/or has had to go to the courthouse for tags or driver's license renewal, especially since all of the satellite offices closed, knows this can be a several hour process, & can be made even more miserable with 3 young boys tagging along.

My sweet, sweet grandparents offered to come down for the day & watch the boys while I went to the courthouse & ran a couple other errands. WHAT LIFESAVERS!! They also treated us to lunch (would you believe Jim 'N Nick's again?!?) & brought us some goodies - snacks for the boys, fresh veggies from the garden for Tim, back to school clothes for me. :-)

Thanks again Papa & Mama D!!
P.S. - Since I'm sure you're wondering (if you read the post "A GRAND Visit" from their last visit) . . .
YES, Taylor talked Papa to death once again, & YES, Papa fell asleep on him again. Just hate I didn't get to capture it! :)  Guess he can expect a phone call soon . . .

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Goldie

There's a new addition to the Bowens Bunch . . .

Meet Goldie, our new ride!!!!
We love her already!! :)

Too Much Birthday!

We had a busy birthday day today - 2 parties to attend!

First, Tanner went to his friend Kathryn's Mermaid Party this morning at 10:30. She turned one & celebrated with all her baby friends. He ate mermaid cake, goldfish, pearls, starfish & more. Then, he & his friends headed out to enjoy 2 baby pools & a ball pit. He, ofcourse, didn't get in any of the pools, but had loads of fun splashing from the sidelines & throwing balls.

Lots of babies!
The birthday girl :)
Check out the mermaid cake. Her talented mother made it!
"No, Kathryn, don't think I'll be joining you inside the pool.
I'll just enjoy it from over here . . ."
Getting some much needed rest between parties. . .
Next, we all headed to Tuscaloosa to attend Addison's Barbie Party at 2:00. Addie is our niece/the boys' cousin. She turned 4 & celebrated with all her friends at The Fun Factory. They got to play games & jump on inflatables, then have cake & juice. The 2 big boys had extra time with Addie - they went to T-town Friday afternoon to spend the night. They ate pizza, made snowcones, played in the pool, had a dance competition, watched a movie, & ate popcorn.

The birthday girl!
"Mom, I'm too embarrassed to blow out my candles.
Can you do it?"
Tanner's favorite part of parties - CAKE!!
Uh-oh, he's feeding himself.
Things could get messy . . .
There's Addie's little sister, Baby Allie! So Precious!!
KeKe just had to get Addie a Teacher Barbie!!
And a hot pink Barbie Convertible!
Do Barbie Teachers drive those???
There's the cake mouth!!!
How in the world do you get cake in the BACK of your head???
 "I'm stuffed, but happy."
Baby Allie in her cute pink tutu!!

What a fun day! Happy Birthday to Kathryn & Addison!!!