my kids

my kids

Friday, December 30, 2011

Isn't It Great? Taylor's 8!

8 years ago today, at 7:08 a.m., a little spark plug entered the world, & our lives haven't been the same since!!!
I feel like just yesterday he was a chubby little 2-year-old running around.
It's so hard to believe that he is actually EIGHT, but ISN'T IT GREAT?!?

To celebrate his birthday, he invited some rockstars over to rock out with our new karaoke machine!
We had a rockin' good time!!

Check out these pics from his party...
Dress Up Gear :)
Club Bowens
Tanner has his spot ready!
(That's his new rocking chair.)
Check out the party favors -
rockstar trophies w/ candy, an instrument, & cool shades
These outfits are rockin'!
Snacks & drinks on deck
Time for performances!
The b'day boy & his big bro started things off!!
Rowdy Rockstars!!
"Happy birthday to you . . ."
(cha cha cha)
"Happy birthday to you . . ."
(cha cha cha)
"Happy birthday dear Taylor . . ."
(cha cha cha)
"Happy birthday to you!!!!"
(cha cha cha)
cupcakes, ice cream, & lemonade
And now time for football . . .
I don't think my boys' parties EVER end w/out
some football/basketball/soccer outside!
"Can I play? I'm pretty good!"
"Nevermind, I'll just keep entertaining myself with my cars."
after much trash talk during the party,
the big boys decided to prove some things too
(no matter the age, boys will be boys!!)
Tim & I w/ our little girl (in our dreams)!
Doesn't this look so natural? Sigh.
This is our adorable niece, Allie. :)

You can't help but have a fab time when you party
with rockstars all day!
We're happy many of Taylor's family & friends got to come share his special day with him.