my kids

my kids

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Taylor Turns Twelve!

My Taylor turned 12 yesterday!!!
We were still in Decatur for the holidays, so we invited a few North Ala family & friends for a small celebration. First we went to the mall. Our crew jumped in the inflatables at the Play Place & then had pizza & drinks.
Kallie had a little fun on the riding toys (until Coco put money in it & it started up!) & on the mall train!
Then we headed over to KaleidoScoops for cookies, ice cream, & presents. Taylor got LOTS of money (thanks to his great grandparents, Mama D & Papa; his aunt & uncle, TeTe & Uncle Gavin; his godparents, Aunt Erica & Uncle Bang; & his buddy, Tylin). He also got "men" from his grandparents, MaMa & Papa G, & vintage comic books from his brothers & sister. He said he plans to read the Marvel & DC comics & then sell them! Lol!
Fun day celebrating our funny, creative, sweet, spirited preteen!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas in Tanner

My dad's family lives in Tanner, Alabama. My dad & his siblings attended & played sports at Tanner High School. Tim was the 1st black head football coach at Tanner High School (& in the county as a whole). So, when we were pregnant with our 3rd boy, Tanner was the perfect choice...a "T" name like his Daddy & his big brothers & something very meaningful!
Tanner is very proud that he is named after the "Tanner Rattlers" & when we went up to visit my dad's family the day after Christmas, we stopped by to let him see the school & football field.
Then we went on over to visit w/ the family.
There's Kallie w/ my grandmother & aunt.
And there's my brother G & Timbo w/ 2 of my dad's brothers, Jeff & Mike.
Great visit to Tanner with Tanner (& the rest of the crew)!