my kids

my kids

Friday, August 31, 2012

Back to The Season!

Football season has arrived & we're so pumped we can barely contain ourselves!
As we excitedly prepare for our season opener against Furman tomorrow,
we had to do a few things first . . .

*We had to give our favorite coach a little back to the season surprise!

*We had to pick up Tanner's new gameday shirts!
(Shout out to Jessica Evans, who made his b'day shirt & UAB shirts last year, for a FABULOUS job!)
*We had to organize our gear for the game!

Now we're ready to BOWWOW with the BULLDOGS!!!
Go Bulldogs!!!

The Boys, the Girls, the Fun

My wonderful sis-n-law, Kylie, & my adorable nieces, Addie & Allie, came
to visit on Thursday!
Tim's brother started coaching at Murray State in Murray, Kentucky in the spring & their family moved there around March.
We don't get to see them nearly as much as we'd like . . . so we're always thrilled when we all get together!
They stopped through & spent the night on their way to a family get together at the beach this weekend.
We had presents, cupcakes & ice cream, excited boys, excited girls, & lots & lots & lots of running, playing, toys, & noise!!!

These 3 sure do love each other!
These 2 are definitely characters...
Does it look like they're up to something to you???
Everyone loved playing with the new babies!!
Tea Party
Uncle Tim's home!
"Hi Addie!!"
(check Allie out in the background)
"Come here, Allie . . . "
. . . & Allie makes a beeline for Timothy!
We could hear our loud children,
we just chose to ignore the noise & smile. . .
like usual. :)
Bedtime story. . . so sweet!
It was after 10:30 by this point.
NONE of the children in the house were asleep!

We love these family visits!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Showering MC, The Mommy To Be!

My 2nd grade friends & I hosted a fun baby shower for our sweet
friend & former co-worker, Mary Chollet, on Sunday afternoon!
Mary Chollet & her fabulous mom, Chollet!
(I have to give them a special shout-out because they
are avid Bowens Bunch Blog followers! Woop woop!!)
Dirty Diaper Game!
(Guess who came up w/ this one?! Hee hee hee!!)
Susan won!
(But I think she cheated . . .)
Baby Scramble Game
(Someone made these super hard!)
Baby Food Mystery Game
I was really good at this one!
Do you see my 100%???
String Game
Hmmm, will this be long enough???
Good estimating, girls!
Me & MC!!
What a fun time -
hanging with some of my fave friends,
playing hilarious baby games,
enjoying snacks & punch,
& showering Mary Chollet with gifts in
anticipation of her precious baby!
We are beyond thrilled for MC & her hubby, Camper.
What a blessing that baby will be to their lives;
what a lucky baby to have a mommy & daddy like those two,
& a grandma like Ms. Chollet!!