my kids

my kids

Thursday, January 28, 2016

100th Day of School

Monday was the 100th day of school!!! Wow, it's gone by so fast...& know my boys are 100 days smarter! The kindergarteners at Hutchens had a fabulously fun day of 100s activities planned. They dressed as old people (so cute!!!), had a morning parade around the school, & completed several 100s reading, writing, counting, & snacking things throughout the day. Old Man Tanner came home very happy from a full, fun day.
Waiting to see her brother...again...
"Wow! These kids look old!"
100 days down...80 days to go!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2nd Quarter Honors

I reported in the "Report Card Field Trip" post about the great job my smart guys did during the 2nd quarter of school. Last Thursday, Tanner had an honors assembly at his school to recognize his hard work.

Kallie, with one of her babies, waiting patiently for the program to begin...
There's Tanner!
Tanner was recognized for academic excellence (all As) & meeting his AR goal
After each teacher handed out her class awards, Mrs. Gallop (the principal) talked about the leadership qualities they strive to instill & hope to see in their students. A Leadership Award was given to one student from each class who exhibited those skills during the 2nd grading period. Guess who Mrs. Burkett chose from her class? Tanner Bowens!!
Tanner was so proud of his awards & the new pins added to his lanyard. (By the way, he knows how many everyone has...)
The 1st quarter honors assembly was postponed at Causey Middle because of weather. Well, they never rescheduled it, & ended up combining it with the 2nd quarter honors program. Guess who didn't know about the program?! Taylor Bowens' parents!! We were so upset we missed it (I try not to miss ANYTHING!). Taylor came home & handed us his awards. After seeing our incredulous looks, he assured us that they didn't tell them about the program & he had NO IDEA they were having it that day. Strangely, he admitted that, yes, some other parents were there. Wonder how they knew...  
Oh well, whether there's a program or not, whether we (sadly) miss it or not, we're so proud of our smart guys & happy that they continue to be honored at school!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


One of the fun things about having a daughter is dressing her each day. I enjoy getting her all dolled up in her adorable outfits, jewelry, shoes, headbands & hubby insists that I get to play dress up each day with a real live doll & I love it!!

If you know me, you know I like matchy matchy. I used to dress the boys alike or in complementary colors, coordinated with my outfit, each day. They've gotten older & bigger, plus they wear uniforms to school, so I can't really keep us coordinated. (We still "synchronize" our colors for special things like church, ball games, programs, etc.)

Now, Kallie & I do the matchy thing most days. Our outfits/jewelry/accessories complement each other so well. It's such a delight to "twin" with my favorite girl!! There are MANY examples I could share (since it happens on a daily), but here's a recent one...
Tanner had to jump into pics after we picked him up from school
As much as I relish matching, I've been married to a man for over 15 years who doesn't really get into that sort of thing. (rolls eyes) Because he loves & understands me, he will sometimes humor me & go along with the program. (wink, wink) 
This wasn't planned, but the other day he & Kallie ended up matching each other. And you know what?! He actually liked it! He was proud of it! And, he even requested a picture! Guess it took a little girl to make this guy happy to matchy match. (rolls eyes again). They did look super cute though. Easy to see how much they love each other...
Makes my matchy matchy heart happy!!