my kids

my kids

Monday, December 30, 2013

Taylor's Month

I told Taylor that December was definitely his month . . .

He competed in the school spelling bee.
He received an excellence bracelet for being so positive.
He had a reading & performed in our church children's musical.
He was one of the star's of the school 4th grade program.

He hit double digits...the BIG 1-0...on Dec. 30.

Whew, he should be exhausted.

A Whole Decade

Taylor expressed to me a couple weeks ago that he couldn't believe that he had been living almost a WHOLE DECADE!!
Well, today was the day . . . Taylor hit DOUBLE DIGITS!!!

The rule at our house is you have to be 10 to have a sleepover.
Although we tried extremely hard to avoid it, you better believe that Taylor held us to it!!

Here are the highlights of Taylor's fun day . . .
Taylor asked his guests (one is missing here) to wear green!
Wonder where he gets wanting to color coordinate... ;)
"Happy Birthday to you . . ."
This little dude gets so excited about birthdays & holidays.
He asked me repeatedly if Christmastime was over &
if it was birthday time!
He said "I just love Taylor's birthday!" &
couldn't wait for cake & ice cream!!
(I'm figuring that's why he loves Taylor's bday!)
Dance Contest Time!
Me & my sibs were judges; it was tough to pick a winner,
but the bday boy edged out the competition!!
Jon played a BIG joke on Taylor -
let's just say there were mulitple boxes w/ a surprise at the end... :)
Think someone's excited?!!
One of Taylor's gifts was a light up football,
which gave the guys the bright idea to go outside & play.
Good Bubba was here to supervise!
The pic is hard to see, but they were out there playing away!!
Last (hopefully) activity of the night -
movie, popcorn, pjs, & sleeping bags
What a fabulous DOUBLE DIGIT birthday!!
I'm worn out at this point;
I'm grabbing the aspirin bottle & heading to bed.
It's almost midnight & the boys are still wide awake.
(Believe me, we can here them clearly)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Travelin' on Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas we celebrated surrounded by our families!
As usual, we took our "Tour of North Alabama" has we visited family & friends on Christmas Day!!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Morning in Decatur
Thanks a lot for the Legos, Bubba...
(yep, that's sarcasm in my voice)
Football payas!!!
My cute monogrammed hoodie!!!
How'd you know, Gavin?! (wink, wink)
Don't you love the photo blanket we made for our parents?!
(side note: my mother won't let ANYONE touch it now)
After using one of the 1st edition Samsung phones FOREVER,
my mother finally got a new, UPDATED phone.
A chevron dress!!!!
Just what I wanted!!!
My dapper hubby with a new sportcoat
Shells, weapons, masks . . .
I foresee many ninja battles @ my house in the near future!
Thanks again Bubba :(
We got new monogrammed necklaces!
Just Gawjus!!!
Houndstooth Triplets
Ready to head to our next destination!

Christmas Morning & Breakfast in Courtland
Walkie Talkies w/ Papa G
Taylor was so pumped to have such a huge box!
Guess what was inside . . .
Thanks, Mama D, for keeping plenty of music in our lives!!
Gag gift from my Uncle Bobby -- a "pantsuit"...
He got me back this year!!
A little gag from me to my (Auburn fan) Papa . . .
huge portrait of Bear Bryant!! Hee hee!!

Christmas Afternoon & Lunch in Florence
Fleece Photo Blanket for Tim's parents!
They both cried!!
Our fam w/ a little side photo bombing from Uncle Q!
Had to include one last pic...
Tanner & Santa
Hope everyone else had a Christmas as merry as ours!!