my kids

my kids

Monday, June 29, 2015

8 Months Old

The months keep flying sweet girl turned 8 months old last week!!
Not only is our little chunk getting bigger physically, she's doing so many new things now!
Kallie is SUCH the chatterbox; usually the loudest one in the car or at the dinner table. Tanner says he needs a microphone just so we can hear whoever is saying the blessing before we eat!! And she knows exactly when to amp that little voicebox up...if one of us enters the room or as soon as someone starts talking on the phone. She can say "ma-ma" & "da-da" & string together syllables that sound like other vaguely familiar words & names. Hearing her constant, loud chattering is hilarious!
She's not crawling or cruising yet, but this little missy is definitely a wiggleworm!! She never stays still; always rolling, wiggling, & lunging to get to wherever, whatever, or whomever she wants. She wears us out with the constant motion. I think that her brain is way past what her body can do & I'm waiting for her to take off any minute!
This little diva has some major moves...& she LOVES music, which we play all the time. Her "dancing" (rocking back & forth & flailing her arms) coupled with her "singing" (yelling at the top of her lungs) is a real sight to see & hear!!
Kallie still has no teeth in sight (which is definitely okay with her breastfeeding momma); loves to nurse, but is enjoying the steady additions of solids to her diet; & continues to get up a few times at night (which is definitely NOT okay with her sleep deprived momma). She covers her parents, brothers & babydoll with wet, slobbery kisses...& we love every juicy one! There's NEVER a dull (or quiet) moment with this princess in the house!!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Day With Daddy

When you live with a husband/daddy with a demanding, time-consuming career, you truly treasure the precious moments you do have together. Tim spent most of last week traveling w/ fellow South Alabama staff & working satellite football camps. The coaches arrived back in town just in time to host some prospective juco players Friday through Sunday morning on official visits. He arrived back home just in time for us to wine, dine, surprise, & hang out with him for the rest of the day!

After our church service, we whisked our #1 dad off to lunch at Texas Roadhouse, followed by dessert at Chill (a local yogurt cafĂ©). We also gave him a few little surprises we picked out especially for him. :)  After a busy afternoon, naps, snacks, & movies at home completed our day. Check out pics of the stops & surprises for our darling daddy...
Doesn't he always look so thrilled?!
I fuss at him about that ALL the time!
So grateful to the man who fathered these four precious blessings! They are my favorite four people.
I love them...and their daddy!!
So happy we could celebrate Father's Day with the guy who means so much to our Bunch. He works extremely hard to take care of our family & make sure we have everything we need - physically, spiritually, & emotionally.  We love him more than words can say!

We must also wish an incredibly Happy Father's Day to all the great dads in our lives - Papa G, Paw Paw, Papa, Mr. Perry, Uncle Bang, Uncle Gavin, Uncle Pas...& many others who have touched us in some way. We love you so, so much & treasure who you are to us & our children!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Family Pics

Although I snap HUNDREDS of pictures of my Bunch weekly, we have not had PROFESSIONAL pictures taken since May 2004 - when we were just a family of 4 & Taylor was 4 months old! It's been 11 years & we've added 2 more...way past time to get new pics!! We also needed photos of our beautiful baby girl.

Some Mobile football friends told me about Maggie Tait. She's a 2nd grade teacher & an incredibly talented & popular photographer! We met up with her a few weeks ago for pictures...not only was she so sweet & easy to work with, she produced some beautiful images of our family.

I won't share them all, but here are several of the pictures from our shoot...
My boys look so handsome & my baby girl is absolutely I sound like a proud momma?! I LOVE these pics & I'm thrilled we got to meet & work with Maggie! She's fabulous & my family is BEAUTIFUL!!!!