my kids

my kids

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Road Trip!!!

I had a fabulous included a road trip, football game, meeting up with old friends, & a hotel slumber party. The best part was I got to celebrate my 37th birthday & 15th wedding anniversary!!!

I got everything packed up & everyone checked out of school & we hit the road around noon on bunch loves a ROAD TRIP!!
We spent the night in Birmingham on Friday night. We met up with some old friends at one of our fave spots -- Habanero's! Because we were regulars, Angela, the manager (pictured here w/ Tanner & Kallie) & several other staff know us well. We're always excited to see each other when we pop in town.
Tanner & his buddy, Jaydon
(I taught at Edgewood w/ his Mommy)
Their little convo cracked us up!
Such a blast w/ my sis & B'ham teacher friends!!
The staff surprised (scared/shocked) me w/ the huge sombrero & a bday song! Sad I don't have a pic!!
On Saturday morning, we packed everything back up, met up w/ my mom & other sis, & headed east to Atlanta for the South Alabama football game versus Georgia State.
The Georgia Dome
Fun seeing Daddy during warm-ups
My beautiful mom, sisters, & daughter
these boys love being together...
the O Dubs!!
(offensive coaches wives minus one)
my oldest baby...getting so old...(sniff, sniff) & so handsome
this beauty...
the boys w/ their fave Jag, Terrance, after the game
& w/ Daddy
After the game (which ended up being a disappointing loss), we drove to Carrollton (where Nish lives & works now) for a fun dinner at "The Cookout"...the owner gave me a bday shout-out & brought me dessert!
Then we checked into our swanky hotel room, which was courtesy of my awesome parents!! Bomb Dot Com!!!
I woke up Sunday morning & it was my 37th birthday & 15th wedding anniversary!!!!
My family treated me to a delicious b'day brunch at Cracker Barrel before we headed back to B'ham, then Mobile
The waitresses sang to me & brought me a little dessert! I enjoyed many desserts & songs over the weekend... :)
Me & the kids arrived back in Mobile on Sunday night. I was treated to a special song written, arranged, & performed by my talented middle son. I loved it!! 
When my hubby got home from work, I gave him the little anniversary gift I made for him...
(the boy & girl-Tim & Kesha-are made from maps of our hometowns)
...& he gave me cards & a fabulous camera, lenses, bag, & software for my bday/anniversary. I've been wanting a nice camera for awhile (I am the picture queen, you know). I can't wait to break it in!!
What a big birthday, big anniversary, big game, & fun road trip...incredible weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Lunch

My boys will be out of school ALL NEXT WEEK (Hallelujah!) for the Thanksgiving holiday, so schools served their "Thanksgiving Lunch" during the week this week. Since Tanner is the only kid I can still go have lunch with, Kallie & I joined him for a little feasting on Tuesday. And boy, was it an affair! The place was packed with parents, grandparents, & siblings. The kids, as well as the lunchroom (& auditorium that was opened up to contain the crowd), were all festive & decorated. And one little kindergartener was very excited to see his mommy & baby sister...
attempting some lunch selfies :)
I'm so thankful for Tanner's school, his teacher, the staff, & his friends; they truly are making his kindergarten year a memorable one. I'm even more thankful that I could share lunch with my smart, sweet boy.