my kids

my kids

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Leadership Day

Hutchens piloted a program this year called "The Leader In Me" & important leadership skills/characteristics/actions were integrated with their traditional curriculum throughout the school year. A Leadership Program, showing skills learned all year, was presented to school officials & community leaders. Participants also presented this program to the school, as well as a final performance for families at the last PTA meeting of this school year.
Tanner was excited to be part of the program, until he found out they would have to perform on the stage! Ha!! His group used a very cute step routine to showcase Leadership Habit 2 -"Begin with the end in mind." It was awesome & Tanner did a fabulous job!!
Mrs. Burkett was one of the teachers in charge of his group. She sent me text videos of their practices throughout the week.
We were excited to watch him the night of the program. Tanner was so excited to perform (he was even practicing on the way into the school!) & so proud when they finished!
Great job, Tanner! Way to have those leadership skills on display!!!

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